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    **** IEEE AIS-02, Special Session : Applied Soft Computing ****


    IEEE International Conference Artificial Intelligence Systems
    IEEE AIS-02
    Gelendzhik, Black Sea Cost, Russia
    September 5-10, 2002

    The IEEE AIS-02 Program Committee invites submissions of research papers
    for IEEE International Conference, to be held in Gelendzhik, Black Sea
    Cost, Russia, September 5-10, 2002.

    Submissions are invited on substantial, original and
    previously unpublished research on all applied aspects
    of Soft Computing, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks,
    Genetic Algorithms, Advanced optimization methods,
    Industry Study, Implementation of Soft Computing in
    Engineering Design, Mechanical, Electrical, and
    Electronic Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace,
    Transportation, Telecommunication, Medical, Healthcare,
    Finances, Trade, Chemistry, Oil and Gas Industry,
    Process Industry.

    The language of special session is English.

    AIS2002 is sponsored by:
    - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
    and technical co-sponsored by:
    - World Federation on Soft Computing

    Publication in International Journal:
    Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit an enhanced version
    of their papers to:
    - International Journal Applied Soft Computing, Elsevier Press

    Session Information:
    Special Session: "Applied Soft Computing"
    Chair: Dr Rajkumar Roy, Cranfield University UK,
    Co-Chair: Dr Valery Tarasov, Bauman Moscow State Technical University,
    Russia, e-mail:
    Session Organizer: Dr Victor Taratoukhine, Cranfield University,
    UK, e- mail:

    Topics of interest:
    - fuzzy systems
    - neural networks
    - soft expert systems
    - collaborate design
    - advanced optimization methods
    - concurrent engineering
    - data mining
    - distributed AI
    - evolutionary modeling
    - genetic algorithms
    - information extraction
    - knowledge discovery
    - knowledge representation
    - machine learning
    - integration of multi-agent and soft computing systems
    - case studies
    - applied soft computing frameworks
    - Applications of soft computing in mechanical engineering, aerospace
    and automotive industry

    Important Dates
    >. Expression of Interest (only title and contact details): NOW!
    >. Submission of full paper for review: 1st May 2002
    >. Notification of acceptance to authors: 1st June, 2002
    >. Receive final manuscript: 1st July, 2002
    >. IEEE AIS Paper Sessions: 5-10 September, 2002

    Maximum number of pages
    Session paper: 6 pages (up two extra pages can be allowed, please check
    additional information below)
    Poster for Session: extended abstract of 2 pages

    Authors must submit their paper's title page (preferably electronically
    together with an electronic copy of the paper, as described below) to
    arrive by May 1, 2002.
    Notification of receipt will be mailed to the first author (or
    designated author) soon after receipt. Notification of acceptance or
    rejection of submitted papers will be mailed to the first author (or
    designated author) by June 1, 2002 on e-mail. Camera-ready copy of
    accepted papers must be received by July 1, 2001.

    Electronic Title Page & Electronic Paper Copy
    In addition to the electronic title page we also require an electronic
    copy of the paper to be submitted. This information must arrive by May
    1, 2001.
    Submission should have the following format:
    author: name of first author
    address: address of first author
    author: name of last author
    address: address of last author
    title: title of the paper
    abstract: abstract<100 words
    Keywords: first area,..., last area
    Body of the paper

    Paper Format
    We can accept e-mail submissions of full papers. Submissions must be
    prepare for print on 8-1/2 x 11 inch or A4 paper. Submissions must not
    exceed six pages in camera-ready format.
    Each accepted paper will be allowed six pages in the proceedings;
    up to two additional pages may be purchased at a price of $50 per page.

    Review Process
    Selection criteria include accuracy and originality of ideas, clarity
    and significance of results and quality of the presentation.
    Papers selected will be scheduled for presentation and will be printed
    in the Proceedings after presentation.
    Authors of accepted papers, or their representatives, are expected to
    present their papers at the conference.

    Conference Fee
    The Conference Fee is $200 USA.

    Black Sea Cost and the Region
    Gelendzhick is a very beautiful and charming small town, located between
    the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea.
    The weather in September is usually sunny, with average temperature of
    26 C degrees. The sea is also warm and enjoyable to swim in.
    Gelendzhik is part of Kuban Region. Present day Kuban is often called
    «the pearl of Russia»: the development of agriculture is promoted by the
    favorable mild climate Two warm seas - the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov
    - attract tourists to this area at any season.

    Cultural Program
    The cultural program will include:
    * Conference dinner
    * Visit the International 4th International Conference and Exhibition in
    Hydroaviation. You will be able to meet the representatives from leading
    international aerospace companies.
    * An excursion to a famous vineyards of Abrau Durso (tasting of the
    wines is included).

    Travel and Accomodation
    You will need a Russian visa to travel to Gelendzhik. Please contact
    Russian Embassy in your country for more information. The organizers
    will send you an invitation letter.
    You can fly to Moscow and then to Anapa Airport or to Gelendzhik
    Airport. The conference organizers are happy to provide a pick-up
    service from Anapa or Gelendzhik.
    For participants from Turkey: You can travel from Istambul to
    Novorossiysk by sea ferry, and then to Gelendzhik. Please contact your
    local ferry provider for more information.
    Please inform the Conference Organisers about your travel plans, as soon
    as possible and they will be happy to provide you travel
    The different options of accommodation will be provided from four stars
    hotels to budget accommodation.
    The conference accommodation rate for delegates will be approximately
    $70 USA, for single or double room, which includes breakfast, lunch, and
    Please contact the conference organisers for latest information.

    * Enquiries about Special Session:
    Please contact:
    Dr Victor Taratoukhine
    Lecturer in Decision Engineering
    Department of Enterprise Integration
    Building 53
    Cranfield University
    MK43 0AL
    Tel: +44 (0) 1234 754073
    +44 (0) 1234 750111 ext 2008
    Fax: +44 (0) 1234 750852
    Mr Victor Oduguwa
    Enterprise Integration
    Cranfield University
    MK43 0AL
    Tel: +44 (0)1234 754192
    Fax: +44 (0)1234 750852
    * Enquiries about Visa, Travel, and Accommodation :
    Prof. Dr. Lyudmila A. Zinchenko
    Taganrog State University of Radioengineering
    Nekrasovsky l., 44, GSP-17A,
    Taganrog, Rostov Region,
    347928, RUSSIA
    E-mail :

    Paper submission
    Authors are invited to submit papers to the PROGRAMME CHAIR for the
    conference e-mail: indicating: 'Applied Soft Computing
    Paper submissions should be sent:
    IEEE AIS 02
    Prof. Dr. Victor M. Kureichik, PC Chair
    Taganrog State University of Radioengineering
    Nekrasovsky l., 44, GSP-17A,
    Taganrog, Rostov Region,
    347928, RUSSIA
    E-mail :
    PHONE +7-8634-371659
    FAX +7-8634-310598
    Please also send you title and an abstract to Session Organiser Dr.
    Victor Taratoukhine :

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