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    Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)


      New Orleans, LA
      June 27-29, 2002

    The Special Interest Group on Fuzzy Logic and the Internet (FLINT) will
    hold its annual workshop as part of NAFIPS 2002. The FLINT workshop and
    NAFIPS 2002 were combined to allow people to conveniently attend both
    (and save money). The registration for NAFIPS 2002 covers all sessions
    and events.
    As you all know, NAFIPS 2002 will take place in New Orleans on July
    27-July 29 on the Campus of Tulane University. There is now more reason
    than ever to consider joining NAFIPS- FLINT 2002 in New Orleans.

    Lotfi A. Zadeh; BISC Director
    Masoud Nikravesh; FLINT Chair and BISC Associate Director

    BISC-SIG Committee: Nader Azarmi (UK), Ben Azvine (UK), Masoud Nikravesh
    (USA), Tomohiro
    Takagi (Japan), Ronald R. Yager (USA), Lotfi A. Zadeh (USA)


    Abstracts Due: March 1 (Friday)
    Notification of acceptance: March 22
    Papers Due: May 3

    Because of the new deadlines, we strongly encourage electronic
    Submission information can be found by

    * going to the NAFIPS website
    * clicking on the NAFIPS 2002 button
    * clicking on "Abstract Submission Form"


    Fuzzy Logic and the Internet: Challenges and Road Ahead

     During the August 2001, BISC program hosted a workshop toward better
    understanding of the issues related to the Internet (Fuzzy Logic and the
    Internet-FLINT2001, Toward the Enhancing the Power of the Internet). The
    main purpose of the Workshop was to draw the attention of the fuzzy
    logic community as well as the Internet community to the fundamental
    importance of specific Internet-related problems. This issue is
    critically significant about problems that center on search and
    deduction in large, unstructured knowledge bases. The Workshop provided
    a unique opportunity for the academic and corporate communities to
    address new challenges, share solutions, and discuss research directions
    for the future. Following are the areas that were recognized as
    challenging problems and the new direction toward the next generation of
    the search engines and Internet. We summarize the challenges and the
    road ahead into four categories as follows:

    1. Search Engine and Queries:
    · Deductive Capabilities
    · Customization and Specialization
    · Metadata and Profiling
    · Semantic Web
    · Imprecise-Querying
    · Automatic Parallelism via Database Technology
    · Approximate Reasoning
    · Ontology
    · Ambiguity Resolution through Clarification Dialog;
    Definition/Meaning & SpecificityUser Friendly
    · Multimedia
    · Databases
    · Interaction

    2. Internet and the Academia:
    · Ambiguity and Conceptual and Ontology
    · Aggregation and Imprecision Query
    · Meaning and structure Understanding
    · Dynamic Knowledge
    · Perception, Emotion, and Intelligent Behavior
    · Content-Based
    · Escape from Vector SpaceDeductive Capabilities
    · Imprecise-Querying
    · Ambiguity Resolution through Clarification Dialog
    · Precisiated Natural Languages (PNL)

    3. Internet and the Industry:
    · XML=>Semantic Web
    · Workflow
    · Mobile E-Commerce
    · CRM
    · Resource Allocation
    · Intent
    · Ambiguity Resolution
    · Interaction
    · Reliability
    · Monitoring
    · Personalization and Navigation
    · Decision Support
    · Document Soul
    · Approximate Reasoning
    · Imprecise Query
    · Contextual Categorization

    4. Fuzzy Logic and Internet; Fundamental Research:
    · Computing with Words (CW)
    · Computational Theory of Perception (CTP)
    · Precisiated Natural Languages (PNL)

    FLINT-SIG-BISC Committee Members:
    BISC-SIG Committee: Nader Azarmi (UK), Masoud Nikravesh (USA), Tomohiro
    Takagi (Japan), Ronald R. Yager (USA), Lotfi A. Zadeh (USA)

    Program Committee:
    H. Adeli (USA), Ben Azvine (UK), Hamid Berenji (USA), Michael R.
    Berthold (USA), Antonio Di Nola (Italy), Ronald Fagin (USA), Marti
    Hearst (USA), Mohammad Jamshidi (USA), Janusz Kacprzyk (Poland), T. Y.
    Lin (USA), Vincenzo Loia (Italy), John A. Meech (Canada) ,
    Bouchon-Meunier (France), Detlef Nauck (UK) , Charles Ortiz (USA),
    Gabriella Pasi (Italy), Fred Petry (USA), James Shanahan (France),
    Vincent S.M. Tseng (Taiwan), I. Burhan Turksen (Canada), John Yen (USA)

    International Advisory Committee:
    H. Adeli, K.-P. Adlassnig, Rafik Aliev, Fuad Aliew, Matthew, Anderson,
    Mori Anvari, Nader Azarmi, Ben Azvine, James, Baldwin, Hamid Berenji,
    Michael Berthold, Piero Bonissone, Patrick Bosc, Bernadette
    Bouchon-Meunier, Rita de Caluwe,, Peter Chen, Tony Cowden , Fabio
    Crestani, Ernesto Damiani,, Miguel Delgado, Marcin Detyniecki, Didier
    Dubois, Ronald, Fagins, Madjid Fathi, Mario Fedrizzi, T. Fukuda, Erol
    Gelenbe,, Erol Gelenbe, J. Goguen, F. Gomide, Peter Hajek, Larry Hall,
    Rainer Hampel, Yutaka Hata, Hans Hellendoorn, Babak Hodjat, Moe
    Jamshidi, Bob Jannarone, Robert John, Ingmari Jonson,, Janusz Kacprzyk,
    Abraham Kandel, James Keller, Nikolas, Kasabov, Etienne E. Kerre, O.
    Kaynak, T.Y. Lin, Peter, Klement, Donald Kraft, Rudolf Kruse, Vladik
    Kreinovich, Jose, Luis Verdegay, Masao Makaidono, Abe Mamdani, Udi
    Manber, Ramon Lopes De Mantaras, John A. Meech, Jerry Mendel, Sunanda
    Mitra, Allen Moshfegh, M. Mizumoto, Constantin, Negotia, Masoud
    Nikravesh, Vesa Niskanen, Antonio Di Nola,, Hung T. Nguyen, Vilem Novak,
    Andreas Nürnberger, Rainer, Palm, Borne Pierre, Irina Perfilieva, Rita
    Ribeiro, Enrique H., Ruspini, Charlie Ortiz, Sankar Pal, Gabriella Pasi,
    Witold, Pedrycz, F. Petry, Henri Prade, Gero Presser, Anca Ralescu, ,
    GianGuido, Rizzotto, Bernard Reusch, Alexander Ryjov, Elie, Sanchez,
    Jimi Shanahan, Michael Smith, Tom Sudkamp, Harold Szu, Tomohiro Takaghi,
    Hideyuki Takagi, E. Trillas, Burhan Turksen, Mihaela Ulieru, Aynur Unal,
    T. Vamos, Ronald, Yager, Takeshi Yamakava, John Yen, Lotfi A, Zadeh,
    Hans-Juergen Zimmermann.

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