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    I`m not interest in participated in the event but how I can access to the
    papers that present in that.

    Thanks Walfredo
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    > Call for Papers for the
    > Second International Workshop on
    > To be held at the
    > First International Joint Conference on
    > Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
    > AAMAS 2002
    > Bologna, Italy
    > July 15-19 2002
    > The far reaching influence of the Internet has resulted in an
    > increased interest in agent technologies, which are poised to play a
    > key role in the implementation of successful Internet and WWW-based
    > applications in the future. While there is still considerable hype
    > concerning agent technologies, there is also an increasing awareness
    > of the problems involved. In particular, that these applications will
    > not be successful unless security issues can be adequately
    > handled. Although there is a large body of work on cryptographic
    > techniques that provide basic building-blocks to solve specific
    > security problems, relatively little work has been done in
    > investigating security in the multiagent system context. Related
    > problems are secure communication between agents, implementation of
    > trust models/authentication procedures or even reflections of agents
    > on security mechanisms. The introduction of mobile software agents
    > significantly increases the risks involved in Internet and WWW-based
    > applications. For example, if we allow agents to enter our hosts or
    > private networks, we must offer the agents a platform so that they can
    > execute correctly but at the same time ensure that they will not have
    > deleterious effects on our hosts or any other agents / processes in
    > our network. If we send out mobile agents, we should also be able to
    > provide guarantees about specific aspects of their behaviour, i.e., we
    > are not only interested in whether the agents carry-out their intended
    > task correctly. They must defend themselves against attacks initiated
    > by other agents, and survive in potentially malicious environments.
    > Agent technologies can also be used to support network security. For
    > example in the context of intrusion detection, intelligent guardian
    > agents may be used to implement active protection strategies on a
    > firewall or intelligent monitoring agents can be used to analyse the
    > behaviour of agents migrating through a network. Part of the
    > inspiration for such multi-agent systems comes from primitive animal
    > behaviour, such as that of guardian ants protecting their hill or from
    > biological immune systems.
    > Topics of Interest
    > ------------------
    > We welcome the submission of papers from the full spectrum of issues
    > associated with security in (mobile) multiagent systems, both in the
    > public Internet and in private networks. We particularly encourage
    > the discussion of the following topics:
    > - security policies for agent environments and multiagent systems
    > - security for agents (against other agents, malicious hosts, and
    > software failures)
    > - security for agent hosts (against agent attacks and agent
    > deficiency)
    > - security mechanisms that can be implemented by using
    > (mobile) multiple agents
    > - reasoning about security in agent architectures
    > - type-theoretic and formal models of security
    > - language-based security for (mobile) agents
    > - security through agents (for any form of malfunctioning in the
    > network)
    > - application of security mechanism in a (mobile) multiagent context
    > - integration of traditional security mechanisms to the agent realm
    > - design methodologies for secure (mobile) multiagent systems
    > - attacks on and analysis of existing security mechanisms/protocols
    > The workshop aims at bringing together people from the two relevant
    > research fields, information security, mobile agents, multiagent
    > systems, and agent-oriented programming. Consequently we would like
    > to encourage discussion papers, conceptual papers, system papers, and
    > application papers. It is planned to publish the workshop papers with
    > a scientific publisher after the workshop.
    > Submission Details
    > ------------------
    > To participate in the workshop you should submit an original research
    > paper of up to 5000 words (approximately 8 pages maximum) or a
    > position paper (up to 2000 words, approximately 3 pages) to the
    > workshop chair, to arrive no later than 19 March 2001. It is planned
    > to structure the workshops into invited talks, technical presentations
    > and panel discussions. The technical presentations will be selected
    > from the research papers. Formatting instructions can be found at
    > and should be
    > strictly followed. The first page should include the full name and
    > contact details of at least one author (email and full postal
    > address). Electronic submissions are mandatory. Acceptable formats
    > are PDF and PostScript.
    > Important Dates:
    > ----------------
    > Submissions due Monday 22nd April 2002
    > Notifications sent Monday 6th May 2002
    > Camera ready version due Monday 3rd June 2002
    > Workshop Date 15th or 16th July 2002
    > Organisation:
    > -------------
    > Klaus Fischer and Dieter Hutter, DFKI Saarbruecken, Germany
    > Program Committee:
    > ------------------
    > Sahin Albayrak, TU Berlin, Germany
    > David Basin, University of Freiburg, Germany
    > Hans-Juergen Buerckert, DFKI GmbH Saarbruecken, Germany
    > Ciaran Bryce, University of Geneve, Switzerland
    > Luc Moreau, University of Southampton, UK
    > Stefan Poslad, Queen Mary University of London, UK
    > Volker Roth, Fraunhofer IGD, Germany
    > Helmut Schwigon, BSI Bonn, Germany
    > Vipin Swarup, The MITRE Corp, USA
    > Christian Tschudin, Uppsala University, Sweden
    > Giuseppe Castagna, Ecole Normale Superieure, France
    > Contact Person:
    > ---------------
    > Dr. Klaus Fischer
    > DFKI GmbH
    > Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
    > D-66123 Saarbruecken
    > Germany
    > Tel/Fax +49 681 302-3917/-2235
    > Email:
    > URL:

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