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                        ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR PAPERS


            The Fifth International Conference on Multi-Objective
            Programming and Goal Programming: Theory & Applications

                      Nara, JAPAN June 4-7, 2002

            Deadline of Submission: March 1, 2002 (100 word abstract)


    About the Conference

    MOPGP is an international conference series devoted to multi-objective
    programming and goal programming (MOP/GP). This Conference is a forum
    within which researchers and practitioners can meet and learn from each
    other about recent development in MOP/GP. Amongst the participants are
    academics and practitioners whose common interest is in multi-objective
    decision analysis.

    The first MOPGP Conference was held at the University of Portsmouth,
    United Kingdom, June, 1994. The second Conference was organized by
    University of Malaga, in Torremolinos, Spain, May, 1996. The third was
    held at the Universite Laval, Quebec City, Canada, May-June, 1998. The
    fourth was organized by University of Economics in Katowice and took
    place at Beskidy Mountains at the south of Poland, May-June, 2000. The
    fifth will take place in Nara, Japan

    Conference Topics

    A broad range of topics will be covered during the Conference. Papers
    related to the following topics are suitable for submission to the
       - DEA and multi-objective programming/ goal programming (MOP/GP)
       - Theories and applications of MOP/GP
       - Fuzzy sets, soft computing and MOP/GP
       - Artificial intelligence and MOP/GP
       - Neural networks, meta-heuristics and MOP/GP
       - Interactive MOP/GP
       - Implementation issues and software
       - All other topics in relation to MOP/GP

    Conference Place

    Nara, the conference site is located in the central part of the main
    island of Japan. It was the first capital of Japan in the 8th century,
    and the cradle of Japanese culture, arts and crafts. Several temples and
    shrines in Nara are listed as World Heritage sites. The conference site
    is located in the center of Nara city. There are a lot of sightseeing spots
    in a walking distance from the conference site. Transportation to Nara is
    rather simple. The most convenient means of transportation is to take a
    direct flight to the Kansai International Airport (Osaka). From there, a
    direct Airport Limousine Bus service is available. The conference site is
    within a walking distance from the bus stop.

    Social Programs

    The banquet will be held in the evening of June 5, 2002 with an additional
    fee. A half-day sightseeing bus tour to Horyuji Temple, the oldest temple
    in Japan is planed for the afternoon of June 6, 2002.
    Individual sightseeing tours will be available at the conference site.

    Submission Deadline

    You are warmly invited to submit, by March 1, 2002, an abstract of
    your paper (100 words max.) to the conference secretariat. Electronic
    submission is encouraged:e-mail:

    Registration Fee

    The registration fee for delegate, student and accompanying person covers:
    The Program, Welcome Reception, Coffee and Tea Breaks, The Half-Day Tour
    and The Proceedings sent to each participant after the conference.

         Paid before April 1, 2002: 35,000 yen
         Paid after April 1, 2002: 45,000 yen
         Paid before April 1, 2002: 25,000 yen
         Paid after April 1, 2002: 30,000 yen

    Students must provide a copy of their student ID card or submit proof of
    full time status.

    Accompanying person: 10,000 yen

    Banquet: 8,000 yen


    English will be the official language of the conference.


    The conference proceedings will be published in the series Advances in
    Soft Computing under Physica-Verlag, a Springer-Verlag Company after the
    conference. The submitted papers will be included in the conference
    proceedings subject to the refereeing process. The detailed information
    about the submission of the paper will be informed in due course.

    Further Details

    Further details about the conference will be available at the following


    For more information and all correspondence, please contact the conference

         MOPGP'02 Conference
         Department of Electronics and Information Systems
         Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
         2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, JAPAN
         FAX: +81-6-6879-7939

    International Committee

    Dylan Jones Pekka Korhonen Carlos Romero
    Ralph Steuer Mehrdad Tamiz

    Local Committee

    Masahiro Inuiguchi Hirotaka Nakayama Eiji Takeda
    Hiroyuki Tamura Tamaki Tanaka* Kiichiro Tsuji
    Tetsuzo Tanino* (* Chairpersons)

    Conference Secretariat

    Keiji Tatsumi Masayo Tsurumi Syuuji Yamada Ye-Boon Yun

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