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    I thought you might be interested in contributing/participating in an annual
    international conference that takes place in Las Vegas every June. The
    conference is called "Mathematics and

    Engineering Techniques in Medicine and Biological Sciences" (METMBS) with
    its website at This is a major gathering of various
    research communities with seven conferences proceeding concurrently in the
    same location. Last year, the combined event attracted nearly 2000
    participants from around the world. As before, the participants of METMBS
    can attend any of the 15 conferences free of charge (for a list of
    conferences see Last year, the
    annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (a prestigious publication in the
    field of sciences), has dedicated a 500 page special issue to papers from
    METMBS 2001 - a testimony to the quality of the conference. We hope to
    attract invitations for Journal publications for this year's METMBS as well.



    The 2002 International Conference on Mathematics and Engineering Techniques

    in Medicine and Biological Sciences


    June 24 - 27, 2002

    Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Call for Papers

    Recent advances in computer technology have provided the tools and the

    environment to study, analyze, and better understand complex systems. This

    technological development has enabled researchers to collect and analyze

    massive amounts of data to a scale previously not possible. The impact of

    this technology is now being felt in the medical field and in the biological

    sciences. In recent years, research in interdisciplinary areas such as

    Bioinformatics and computer assisted medical decision-making has

    dramatically intensified. METMBS'02 aims to provide a platform for

    researchers to present and discuss recent breakthroughs in this area.

    The METMBS'02 Conference will be held concurrently (i.e., same location and

    dates) with a number of other international conferences and workshops

    (PDPTA'02, CISST'02, IC-AI'02, IC'02, CIC'02, ...).

    The last concurrent meeting of this group of conferences in year 2001 had

    research contributions from 52 countries (the events held in Las Vegas had

    over 1400 participants from all over the world.) It is hoped that METMBS'02

    will maintain its strong international flavor in this year's meeting as well


    You are invited to submit a draft paper of about 5 pages and/or a proposal

    to organize a technical session (see below for submission information). All

    accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.




    Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

    o Bioinformatics: This includes informatics techniques in genomics gene

    sequencing, gene pattern discovery, gene pattern-function studies, and other

    genomics related studies).

    o Data mining in medicine and biological sciences.

    o Pattern recognition in medicine and biological sciences.

    o Signal processing in medicine and biological sciences (e.g. biomedical

    signal processing, etc.)

    o Image processing in medicine and biological sciences (e.g. biomedical

    image processing, biomedical imaging, etc.)

    o Medical decision-making.

    o Medical Physics.

    o Biomedical Engineering.

    o Biomedical Electronics.

    o Biosignal interpretation.

    o Any application of computers in Medicine and biological sciences (protein

    structure-function analysis, drug and protein design, molecular modeling and

    simulation, etc.)

    o Application of information technology in biomedicine (e.g. medical

    database management, information retrieval and use of computers in


    o Application of Computational Intelligence (artificial neural networks,

    fuzzy logic, and evolutionary computing) in medicine and biological sciences

    o Medical and bio-computing.

    o Computer-based medical systems (automation in medicine, etc.)

    o Recent history (1990-2001) of Mathematics and engineering techniques in

    medicine and biological sciences, and what to expect during the next decade

    (2001-2010); New horizons. Review articles)

    o Other aspects and applications relating to technological advancements in

    medicine and biological sciences.


    Prospective authors are invited to submit three copies of their draft paper

    (about 5 pages - single space, font size of 10 to 12) to F. Valafar (address

    is given below) by the due date. E-mail and Fax submissions are also

    acceptable. The length of the Camera-Ready papers (if accepted) will be

    limited to 7 (IEEE style) pages. Papers must not have been previously

    published or currently submitted for publication elsewhere.

    The first page of the draft paper should include: title of the paper, name,

    affiliation, postal address, E-mail address, telephone number, and Fax

    number for each author. The first page should also include the name of the

    author who will be presenting the paper (if accepted) and a maximum of 5



    Each technical session will have at least 6 paper presentations. The

    session chairs will be responsible for all aspects of their sessions;

    including, soliciting papers, reviewing, selecting, ... The names of

    session chairs will appear as Associate Editors in the conference

    proceedings. After the conference, some sessions will be considered for

    publication in appropriate journals as Special Issues with the session

    proposer as the Guest Editor of the journal.

    Proposals to organize technical sessions should include the following

    information: name and address (+ E-mail) of proposer, title of session, a

    100-word description of the topic of the session, and a short description on

    how the session will be advertised (in most cases, session proposers solicit

    papers from colleagues and researchers whose work is known to the session

    proposer). Mail your proposal to F. Valafar (address is given below);

    E-mail submissions are preferred.


    Papers will be evaluated for originality, significance, clarity, and

    soundness. Two researchers in the topical area will referee each paper. The

    Camera-Ready papers will be reviewed by one person.


    The conference proceedings will be published by CSREA Press (ISBN) in

    hardcopy. The proceedings will be available at the conference. Some

    accepted papers will also be considered for journal publication (soon after

    the conference). (In addition to the hardcopy, it is also planned to

    publish the papers on a CD.)


    A number of university faculty members and their staff in cooperation with

    the Monte Carlo Resort (Conference Division, Las Vegas), will be organizing

    the conference. The conference will be sponsored by World Academy of

    Sciences and co-sponsored by Computer Science Research, Education, &

    Applications Press (CSREA: USA Federal EIN # 58-2171953) together with

    research centers, international associations, international research groups,

    and developers of high-performance machines and systems. The complete list

    of sponsors and co-sponsors will be available at a later time. (Previous

    conferences' sponsors included: CSREA, the National Supercomputing Center

    for Energy and the Environment - DOE, The International Association for

    Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, The International Technology

    Institute (ITI), The Java High Performance Computing research group, World

    Scientific and Engineering Society, Sundance Digital Signal Processing Inc.,

    the Computer Vision Research and Applications Tech., ...)


    The conference will be held in the Monte Carlo Resort hotel Las Vegas,

    Nevada, USA (with any overflows at other near-by hotels). The Monte Carlo

    Resort is a mega hotel with excellent conference facilities and over 3,000

    rooms. The hotel is minutes from the Las Vegas airport with 24-hour shuttle

    service to and from the airport. This hotel has many vacation and

    recreational attractions, including: waterfalls, casino, spa, pools & kiddie

    pools, sunning decks, Easy River water ride, wave pool with cascades,

    lighted tennis courts, health spa (with workout equipment, whirlpool, sauna,

    >...), arcade virtual reality game rooms, nightly shows, snack bars, a number

    of restaurants, shopping area, bars, ... Many of these attractions are open

    24 hours a day and most are suitable for families and children. The

    negotiated hotel's room rate for conference attendees is very reasonable

    (79USD + tax) per night (no extra charge for double occupancy) for the

    duration of the conference.

    The hotel is within walking distance from most other Las Vegas attractions

    (major shopping areas, recreational destinations, fine dining and night

    clubs, free street shows, ...). For the benefit of our international

    colleagues: the state of Nevada neighbors with the states of California,

    Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. Las Vegas is only a few driving hours

    away from other major cities, including: Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix,

    Grand Canyon, ...


    An exhibition is planned for the duration of the conference. Interested

    parties should contact F. Valafar (address is given below). All exhibitors

    will be considered to be the co-sponsors of the conference.


    Feb. 22, 2002 (Friday): Draft papers (about 5 pages) due

    March 21, 2002 (Thursday): Notification of acceptance

    April 22, 2002 (Monday): Camera-Ready papers & Prereg. due

    June 24-27, 2002: METMBS'02 International Conference

    Proposals to organize technical sessions should be submitted as soon as

    possible. All accepted papers are expected to be presented at the



    The Program Committee is currently being formed. Those interested in

    joining the Program Committee should e-mail F. Valafar (address given below)

    the following information: Name, affiliation and position, complete mailing

    address, e-mail address, tel/fax numbers, a short biography together with

    research interests.


    It is planned to add other related conferences and workshops to be held

    simultaneously (same location and dates) creating an international

    multiconference. Each conference will have its own proceedings and

    technical/research sessions. Proposals to organize international

    conferences or workshops (to be held simultaneously with 2002 events) should

    be sent to Hamid R. Arabnia (


              Professor Faramarz Valafar

              Department of Computer Science

              San Diego State University

              5500 Campanile Drive

              San Diego, CA 92182-7720

              Tel: (619) 594-3742

              Fax: (619) 594-6746



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