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    6th International Conference on
    Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information Engineering Systems
    16, 17 & 18 September 2002
    Podere d'Ombriano, Crema, Italy

    -- CONFERENCE VENUE ------------------------------------------------
    KES2002 will be hosted at Podere d'Ombriano, in a wonderful setting in the
    Lombardy countryside near Crema, about 40km
    south-east of Milan and 30km from Linate international airport. Crema is a
    quiet small town with many sites of artistic and
    cultural interest.

    -- CONFERENCE OFFICIALS---------------------------------------------
    KES 2002 General Chair: E.Damiani
    KES2002 is part of the KES Conference Series, Honorary Founder Chair:
    KES2002 is administered by the KES Secretariat, University of Brighton, UK,
    Executive Chair: R.J.Howlett
    KES2002 is being hosted by the Department of Computer Technology, University
    of Milan, Italy.

    -- CALL FOR PAPERS -------------------------------------------------
    The sixth conference in the very successful KES series will be held in the
    delightful setting of the Italian countryside. We
    are pleased to invite papers on Intelligent Systems and Techniques,
    Applications of Intelligent Techniques and related areas
    including Information Technology and the Internet. The conference will
    consist of plenary and contributory sessions on the
    theory and applications of knowledge-based intelligent information systems,
    including but not limited to the following

    -- Generic Intelligent Techniques: Artificial neural networks, machine
    learning, knowledge-based & expert Systems, case-based reasoning, fuzzy and
    neuro-fuzzy techniques, genetic algorithms, artificial life, intelligent

    -- Intelligent Applications: Condition monitoring, fault diagnosis,
    industrial control, medical & diagnostic systems, image processing, machine
    & computer vision, financial & stock market monitoring and prediction,
    speech processing and synthesis, natural language processing, environmental
    monitoring, power electronics & drives, high voltage systems, engine control
    and vehicle applications;

    -- Allied Technologies: Communications, digital and computer communications,
    signal processing & wavelets, virtual reality,
    multi-media, the internet and web-based technologies, human-computer
    interfaces, E-commerce, computer pets, software
    techniques, simulation.

    -- SUBMISSION OF PAPERS ------------------------------------------
    Papers are invited from researchers, engineers and other practitioners in
    the field, on the subject of research, descriptions
    of practical experiences, or other original contributions of interest to the
    technical community. Contributions from industry
    and commerce are very welcome. Please see the web site for details of the
    required paper format and submission details. . To ensure high quality,
    all papers will be thoroughly reviewed. Extended versions of selected
    papers will be considered for publication in the International Journal of
    Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems

    ---IMPORTANT DATES-------------------------------------------------
    * Receipt of papers: 1 April 2002
    * Notification of acceptance: 1 May 2002
    * Final papers to reach KES secretariat by: 1 June 2002

    All presenting authors must register with payment by the 1 June 2002
    deadline for their papers to appear in the Proceedings.

    --KES 2002 PROGRAM COMMITTEE (Provisional)----------------------------------
    F. Arcelli Fontana, UniversitÓ di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
    T. Andreasen, University of Roskilde, Denmark
    A. Bargiela, Nottingham Trent University, UK
    S. Ellacott, University of Brighton, UK
    M.G. Fugini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
    R. Khosla, LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia
    T. Martin, University of Bristol, UK
    D. Nauck, British Telecom Research, UK
    G. Pasi, ITIM-CNR, Milan, Italy
    M.T. Pazienza, University of Rome-Tor Vergata, Italy
    G. Succi, Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy
    A. Tettamanzi, UniversitÓ di Milano, Italy
    T. Vasiliakos, FORTH, Greece
    S.D. Walters, University of Brighton, UK
    G. Winstanley, University of Brighton, UK
    S. Zarodzny, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

    -- KES INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE-----------------------------------
    J. Austin, University of York, UK.
    N. Baba, Osaka-Kyoiku University, Japan
    V. B. Bajic, National Research Institute, Singapore
    Chin Teck Chai, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    A. Filippidis, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia
    G. Degli Antoni, UniversitÓ di Milano, Italy
    E. Floyd Jr. Duke University Medical Center, US
    R. Hamabe, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan
    J. Hasebrook, Bankakademie e.V., Germany
    T-P Hong, National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    H. Ishibuchi, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
    N. Ishii, Nagoya Inst. of Technology, Japan
    L. Karr, The University of Alabama, US
    N. Kubota, Fukui University, Japan
    C. Kuroda, Tokyo Institute Of Technology, Japan
    H. L. Larsen, Roskilde University, Denmark
    V. Loia, UniversitÓ di Salerno, Italy
    N. Martin, University of South Australia, Australia
    L. Medsker, American University Washington, US
    V. A. Niskanen, University of Helsinki, Finland
    D. P. Mital, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, US
    T. Nishida, Dr. Eng., University of Tokyo, Japan
    T. Nomura, Hannan University, Japan
    Y. Ohsawa, University of Tsukuba, Japan
    K. Obermayer, Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany
    J. S. Pan, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Taiwan
    R. Price, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia
    L.M. Roberts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
    S. Smith, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
    I. K. Sethi, Rochester University, US
    C.W. de Silva, University of British Columbia, Canada
    M. Schmitt, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany
    U. Seiffert, University of Magdeburg, Germany
    B. Solaiman, ENST - Bretagne, France
    C. Sommerer, MIC Media Integration & Communications Laboratories, Japan
    E. Tazaki, University of Yokohama, Japan
    C. Tsatsoulis, The University of Kansas, USA
    K. Tsuda, The University of Tsukuba, Tokyo, Japan
    E. Uchino, University of Yamaguchi, Japan
    H. Yoshida, University of Chicago, US

    -- CONTACT DETAILS --------------------------------------
    Correspondence Address: KES2002 Secretariat, Engineering Research Centre,
    School of Engineering, University of Brighton,
    Moulsecoomb, Brighton, BN2 4GJ, United Kingdom.
    Email: Web site:
    Telephone: +44 1273 642305 Fax: +44 1273 642444
    Send us your details if you wish to be added to the KES2002 mail list.

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