2nd Call for Papers: ACM SIGKDD 2002

From: Osmar Zaiane (zaiane@cs.ualberta.ca)
Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 20:54:10 MET

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    Apologies for multiple postings.

    Second Call For Papers for the ACM SIGKDD 2002 conference
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, July 2002.

    See attached.

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                       KDD-2002 Call for Papers

              The Eighth ACM SIGKDD International Conference
                 on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

                  July 23-26, 2002, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



    Submission Deadlines: Electronic Abstract Submission - Feb. 22, 2002
                          Electronic Paper Submission - Mar. 1, 2002
    Submission Format : Camera-Ready (no more than 10 pages)
                          Electronic Submission only

    In the past few years, the ACM SIGKDD conference has established itself
    as one of the premier conferences on knowledge discovery and data
    mining. To continue with this tradition, the eighth ACM SIGKDD
    conference will provide a forum for the academic researchers and
    industry practitioners to share their research and experience. The
    conference will be co-located with AAAI. It will feature keynote
    presentations, plenary paper presentations, poster presentations,
    tutorials, workshops, panels, as well as the KDD Cup competition.

    Papers on all aspects of knowledge discovery are solicited. Areas of
    interest include, but are not limited to:

    >.Data Mining Biomedical Domains | .Novel Data Mining algorithms
    >.Data Mining with Constraints | .Preproessing and Postprocessing
    >.Data Mining and Data Warehousing | for Data Mining
    >.Data Mining and the Internet | .Robust and Scalable Statistical
    >.Data and Result Visualization | Methods
    >.Foundations of Data Mining | .Security and Privacy Issues
    >.Mining High Dimensional Data | .Temporal Data Mining
    >.Interactive and Online Mining | .Text Data Mining
    >.KDD Framework and Process |

    Both research track and industry track papers are solicited. All papers
    will be judged based on their technical merits, relevance to KDD, and
    presentation clarity. Because the number of submissions is expected
    to be high, the conference will have two parallel tracks on research papers,
    thereby increasing the number of papers to be accepted and presented
    in the conference.

    Important Dates:
    Deadlines are for both Research and Industrial tracks

    Abstract Submission Deadline : February 22nd, 2002
     Proposal Submission Deadline: February 22nd, 2002
    Paper Submission Deadline : March 1st,2002
    Notification of Acceptance : May 17th, 2002
    Camera Copy Deadline : May 31st, 2002

    Organizing Committee
    Conference General Chair : Randy Goebel, U. Of Alberta, Canada
    Program Chairs : David Hand,
                               Daniel Keim, AT&T, USA,
                               Raymond Ng, U. of British Columbia, Canada
    Industrial Session Chairs: Michael Berthold, Tripos, USA,
                               William DuMouchel, AT&T, USA
    Best Paper Award Chair : Hans-Peter Kriegel, U. of Munich, Germany
    Student Awards Chair : Jiawei Han, U. of Illinois, USA
    Exhibits Chair : Nick Koudas, AT&T, USA
    Treasurer : Davood Rafiei, U. Of Alberta, Canada
    Publicity Chair : Osmar Zaiane, U. Of Alberta, Canada
    Local Arrangements Chair : Mario Nascimento, U. Of Alberta, Canada
    Panels Chair : Rajeev Rastogi, Bell Labs, USA
    Proceedings Chair : Osmar Zaiane, U. Of Alberta, Canada
    Sponsorship Chair : Charu Aggarwal, IBM, USA,
                               Nick Cercone, U. of Waterloo, Canada,
                               Mario Schkolnik
    Tutorials Chair : Alexander Hinneburg, U. of Halle, Germany
    Workshops Chair : Renee Miller, U. of Toronto, Canada
    Webmaster : Osmar Zaiane, U. Of Alberta, Canada
    Registration Chair : Joerg Sander, U. Of Alberta, Canada
    KDD-Cup Chairs : Mark Craven, U. of Wisconsin, USA,
                               Alexander Yeh, MITRE Corp., USA

    Program Committee:
    Niall Adams Dimitris Gunopulos Stephen North
    Jesus Aguilar-Ruiz Yike Guo Doug Nychka
    Mihael Ankerst Monte Hancock Gregory Piatetski-Shapiro
    Daniel Barbara Joann Harveyk Daryl Pregibon
    Roberto Bayardo Howard Ho Foster Provost
    Michael Berthold Adele Howe Prabhakar Raghavan
    Richard Bolton William Hsu Raghu Ramakrishnan
    Paul Bradley Alfred Inselberg Marco Ramoni
    Nick Cercone David Jensen Greg Ridgeway
    David Cheung Ted Johnson Joerg Sander
    Ken Church Laveen Kanal Bernhard Seeger
    Di Cook Jon Kleinberg Matt Schonlau
    Gutnam Das Ronny Kohavi Dale Schuurmans
    Vasant Dhar Flip Korn Kyuseok Shim
    Umeshwar Dayal Vipin Kumar Roberta Siciliano
    Victor DeGruttola Diane Lambert Simeon J. Simoff
    Chabane Djeraba Jose Latorre Padhraic Smyth
    Maggie Dunham Doheon Lee Paul Stolorz
    Martin Ester Bing Liu Sal Stolfo
    Christos Faloutsos Howard Hamilton Hannu Toivonen
    Tom Fawcett Xiao Hui Liu Alexander Tuzhilin
    Usama Fayyad Hongjun Lu K.P.Unnikrishnan
    Ronen Feldman David Madigan Ramasamy Uthurusamy
    Ada Fu Heikki Mannila Matthew Ward
    Alex Gammerman Doug Martin Ed Wegman
    Minos Garofalakis Stan Matwin Xindong Wu
    Johannes Gehrke Shinichi Morishita Xiang Yang
    George Grinstein Sally Morton Hwan-Seung Yong
                         Rajeev Motwani Ning Zhong
    Executive Committee:
    Chair : Won Kim
    Secretary/Treasurer: Rakesh Agrawal
    Board of Directors : Christos Faloutsos, Usama Fayyad, Jiawei Han,
                         Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Ramasamy Uthurusamy

    Submission Guidelines:

    Abstracts must be submitted electronically at the paper submission
    web site on or before 6pm PST Feb. 22, 2002. An abstract must not
    contain more than 250 words. No paper will be considered without
    having the abstract submitted in time.

    Full papers must be submitted electronically at the paper submission
    web site on or before 6pm PST March 1, 2002. Authors are required to
    submit a version of their full papers in camera-ready format. As such,
    the formating instructions are identical to the SIGKDD conference paper
    instructions (http://www.acm.org/sigkdd/kdd2002/). Papers
    should be no more than 10 pages, single spaced, in no smaller than 10
    point font with 1 inch margins (left, right, top, bottom.) This page
    limit is inclusive of all references. Appendices can be attached and
    not counted towards the page limit. But appendices may not be read by
    the referees. The program committee will strictly enforce the page

    All papers must be submitted in either PDF, postscript or MS Word
    format. However, PDF is the preferred submission format.
    It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the submitted
    papers print correctly on a variety of printers. If any special fonts
    are used, they must be included in the submission. Finally, all papers
    must be original, and have not been submitted elsewhere.

    Best Paper Awards: The KDD-2002 Best Papers Awards recognize the best
    paper in two categories: fundamental research and applications/applied
    research. Fundamental research papers are judged by the significance
    and originality of their contribution. Application/applied research
    papers are judged by the practical impact and current or potential
    usefulness of the work. In both categories, the clarity and quality
    of presentation are also considered.


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