extended deadline: WISET1: workshop innovative software engineering

From: tim menzies (tim@menzies.com)
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 15:21:08 MET

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    (apologies if you get this twice)

    (the following call for papers was dispatched early december. since then,
    there has been a timetable change. papers are now due march 25, not feb. 5).

    WISET-1: First International Workshop on Innovative Software Engineering

        (to be held as part of ECAI 2002
        http://ecai2002.univ-lyon1.fr/show_en.pl) 22-23 July 2002

        home page: http://tim.menzies.com/wiset1.html

        Text version of this document: http://tim.menzies.com/wiset1.txt

        The rapidly increasing complexity of current software systems combined
        with the demand for minimizing time-to-market durations has put
        tremendous pressure on current IT industry. As a result, software
        engineers deliver systems on time, on spec, within budget in less than
        40% of all projects.

        One major problem is that software engineers lack systematic methods and
        techniques for handling imperfect knowledge in various phases of the
        software life cycle including:

        * early requirements analysis,

        * architecture design,

        * quality measurement

        * testing, verification,

        * documentation,

        * maintenance

        * reengineering

        * etc

        What is required are intelligent assistants for software engineers that
        help with the imprecise, incomplete and partially incorrect information
        in dynamically changing SE environments. These assistants should be
        flexible to changing environments and changing goals. Ideally, they
        should also learn from experience, and make appropriate choices given
        data limitations and finite computation.

        Previously, a range of techniques have been applied to the problem of
        subjective SE knowledge including:

        * Neural nets, and genetic algorithms, and fuzzy logic. These
            techniques were explored by the SCASE workshops (soft computing for
            software engineering) held in 1999 and 2001 in Ireland and Holland.

        * Better reasoning about requirements- often using non-classical
            logics such as abduction. These techniques were explored by the WISE
            series (workshop on intelligent software engineering) held in 1998,
            1999, 2000 in Singapore, Florida, and Ireland.

        While technical approaches differ, the goal and problem domain of these
        two workshops is clearly the same; i.e.

        * methods for handling subjective knowledge about SE tasks.

        We therefore invite researchers and industrial workers to WISET-1, the
        first international joint SCASE/WISE workshop.

        Relevant papers would address problem of handling imperfect knowledge
        about SE. Industrial case study papers and review papers are
        particularly welcome.

        Relevant techniques include (but are not restricted to) the following:

        * model-based reasoning tools

        * learning algorithms such as:

            * neural nets,

            * genetic algorithms

            * associational rule learners

            * inductive logic programming

            * decision tree learners

            * contradiction-tolerant logics (e.g. abduction)

            * fuzzy logic

            * incremental knowledge acquisition and maintenance tools

            * agent-based technologies.

            * Bayesian reasoning

            * exploring models that contain unknowns and contradictions using:

                * theorem provers

                * model checkers

        Submissions are restricted to 5 pages (max) in Papers that exceed five
        pages will not be reviewed. Papers should be prepared in ECAI format
        (defined at

        Submissions are to be emailed electronically in PDF or MS WORD format to

        All subsequent correspondence will be electronic and will be directed to
        the first author of each paper

        Final camera-ready versions of the accepted papers will not be accepted
        unless the authors:

        * have supplied a brief bio (in ascii format, emailed to

        * have first registered for the workshop.

        Dec 5, 2001
                Publication of call for papers

        March 25, 2002
                Submission due date

        April 30, 2002
                Notification of Acceptance

        May 31, 2002
                Deadline for camera ready copy

        Jul 22-23, 2002
                Ecai 2002 workshops

        In order to encourage active participation at the workshop, attendees
        will hold working lunches in small groups for the two days of the
        conference. These working groups will report back to the main workshop.

        Mehmet Aksit
                Department of Computer Science, University of Twente

        Aditya Ghose
                Department of Information Systems, University of Wollongong,
                Australia, aditya@uow.edu.au

        Jens H. Jahnke
                Computer Science, University of Victoria jens@csr.uvic.ca

        Tim Menzies
                Dept. Electrical & Computer Engineering; University of British
                Columbia, Tim@menzies.com

        Witold Pedrycz
                Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of
                Alberta, Canada pedrycz@ee.ualberta.ca

        Ken Satoh
                Foundations of Information Research Division, National Institute
                of Informatics Chiyoda-ku, Japan. ksatoh@nii.ac.jp

    Tim Menzies (phd, ai, unsw),
    NASA/WVU SE research chair
    <tim@menzies.com> <http://tim.menzies.com>

    "If you want to do something, just do it. It is easier to apologize later than ask for permission up front." -- Admiral Grace Hopper

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