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    Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)

    F I R S T C A L L F O R P R O P O S A L

    Funding and Paid-Visitor opportunities through BISC program

    Fuzzy Partial Differential Equation Solver (FPDES)

    Alternative Areas: Fuzzy Difference Equations and Fuzzy-Relational


    One of the primary objectives of this project is to develop a new
    generation PDE solver - based on fuzzy logic and inference techniques.
    The project will be carried out in three Phases. Phase I include
    state-of-the-art assessment of Fuzzy Partial Differential Equations
    (Starting Date: Dec 2001). Upon successful completion of Phase I, Phase
    II will commence on March 2002 and include the development and
    foundation for Fuzzy-PDE solver. Upon completion of Phase II, Phase III
    will commence on March 2003 and include implementation of FPDE in
    selected problem areas. The full implementation of FPDE solver is
    intended to be developed and implement prior to 2005.

    The new BISC initiative is mainly for Fuzzy Community that their area of
    research is to solve systems of Partial Differential Equations
    analytically or numerically given the fuzziness on both independent and
    dependent variables and parameters. The problem domain (phase I/2002)
    includes solving system of partial differential equations (specifically;
    elliptic PDE) with boundary conditions (10s of equations). Phase II
    (2003) includes solving more complex problem and 100s of equations and
    phase III includes 1000's of equations (2004-...). More detailed
    information will be sent to short list and eventually all detailed will
    be provided to selected researchers after review process during workshop
    (Feb. 2002).

    2. Funding is for both US and non- US researchers through BISC-Sponsor
    Program mainly but not limited.

    3. Techniques to be used include using numerical solutions (and very
    limited analytical solution) of PDEs through direct methods, iterative
    methods, explicit methods, implicit method and semi-implicit method or
    sequential semi-implicit methods.

    Steering Committee: The Project shall be managed by a steering committee
    and currently comprised of seven individuals from Industry, Government
    Agencies, and BISC Program. The Steering Committee shall have the
    following powers and responsibilities; 1) manage the project, 2) agree
    upon work plans, schedules, deliverables, and 3) acceptance criteria
    relating to the Project.

    The current BISC Initiative (FPDE) funds only paid-visitors and original
    projects that likely to produce fundamental research results in a
    two/three-year time frame.

    To consider for both financial support and funding for the project and
    paid-visiting scholarship (1-2 years) please forward the following

    I. Short Project Concept (Max 2500 words):

    1. Title
    2. Abstract (200 words)
    3. Objectives and goals (100 words)
    4. General background (600 words)
    5. Methodology and anticipated technical difficulties (1000 words)
    6. Significance of research (600 words)
    7. Key references (At least 5 References)

    II. Short Vita: (Two Pages-600 Words):

    1. Name/Address
    2. Objectives & goals
    3. Education
    4. Area of interest
    5. Affiliation/Employers
    6. Achievements
    7.Professional activities/Membership
    8.Experince/Job History
    9. Selected publication
    10. Computer skills
    11. References


    Jan 25, 2002: Receipt of extended abstracts (<1000 words), Short Vita
    and Key References

    Feb 1, 2002: Notification of acceptance

    Feb 15, 2002: Receipt of camera-ready proposal (6 pages Max. or 2500

    Feb 25, 2002: Receipt of proposal presentation (20-50 slides)

    March 2002: Visit to BISC Program for one week (Paid by BISC program) to
    present more detailed of the proposed project, discuss the proposal
    further and writing proposal for Phase II and Phase III, University of
    California, Berkeley.
    Contact and Question:

    To receive more information or if you have any question, please contact
    Dr. Masoud Nikravesh ( and cc to Prof. Lotfi
    Zadeh (

    Dr. Masoud Nikravesh
    BISC Associate Director and Program Administrator

    BTExact Technologies (British Telecom-BT) Senior Research Fellow Chairs: BISC-SIG-FLINT,ES, RT Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC) Computer Science Division- Department of EECS University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 Phone: (510) 643-4522; Fax: (510) 642-5775 Email: URL:

    Staff Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Imaging and Collaborative Computing Group Email: Masoud@media.lbl URL:

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