13th Mini-EURO Conference "Handling Uncertainty in the Analysis of Traffic and Transportation" + 9th EWGT

From: Michele Ottomanelli (m.ottomanelli@poliba.it)
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 14:15:33 MET

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    Dear All,
    apologies for any post-crossing.

    Since the EWGT Meeting has been re-organized, in parallel with respect
    to the 13th Mini EURO Conference the deadline for paper submission has been
    The new deadline is January 10, 2002

    Thus, here is the summary of the joint call-for-paper. Detailed information
    are available on the conference web site http://www.poliba.it/ewg2002 or
    directly from the conference secretariat at ewg2002@poliba.it

    Best Regards

    Michele Ottomanelli,

    Polytechnic University of Bari - Dept. of Highways and Transportation
    Bari - Italy


    13th Mini-EURO Conference
    "Handling Uncertainty in the Analysis of Traffic and Transportation Systems"


    9th Meeting of the EURO Working Group on Transportation
    "Intermodality, Sustainability and Intelligent Transportation Systems"

    June 10 to 12, 2002
    Polytechnic University of Bari
    Dept. of Highways and Transportation
    Bari, Italy

    SCOPE of the 13th Mini-EURO Conference
    Uncertainty is an inseparable part of many problems of transportation
    planning and engineering. The connection among uncertainty, information and
    choices has become the central subject in recent years in view of the
    worldwide effort to advance Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This
    conference places greater emphasis on discussion of how uncertainty must be
    handled. The conference has asked Professor George Klir, internationally
    known expert on philosophy of uncertainty and information, to participate in
    "round table" discussions.
    Authors are invited to submit original papers that address uncertainty in
    the field of modelling traffic and transportation systems.
    Topics both in theory and innovative applications to real world problems are
    The program committee is especially interested in papers concerning
    discussion on Philosophy of Uncertainty Treatment, Possibility Theory,
    Probability Theory, Fuzzy Logic, Soft Computing, Information and Choice
    applied to transportation engineering and planning problems.
    Example application areas are:

    Travel demand forecasting
    Transportation planning, land use, and policy making processes
    Intelligent Transportation Systems
    Philosophy of transportation science

    SCOPE of the 9th Meeting of the EURO Working Group on Transportation

    The attention of research programmes is now devoted to key topics of
    transport intermodality, sustainable mobility and intelligent transportation
    Therefore, the Meeting is targeted to present and discuss the state of the
    art in the fields of traffic, transportation and logistic systems on the
    basis of the research contributions given by scientists and institutions
    worldwide. In particular, the Meeting will focus on knowledge and tools
    available today to plan, design, manage and control modal and intermodal
    transport systems. Moreover, new opportunities brought forward by
    intelligent transportation systems will be given due consideration.


    Since the subjects have been extended to fit the topics of both the
    Conferences, the new deadline for papers submission will be January the 10th

    Authors wishing to contribute papers (or ideas for presentation and
    discussion) to the Conference and/or EWGT Session are requested to submit an
    extended abstract in English (maximum 5 pages including figures, tables and
    references) by January 10, 2002. The abstract needs to be submitted to the
    Conference Secretariat, following the instructions indicated on the web site
    of the Conference.

    The International Organizing Committee will review all abstracts and notify
    the authors regarding acceptance. The approval notification will be
    forwarded by January 31 2002. Once the papers or ideas have been accepted,
    all authors will be asked to confirm their participation by February 28
    All extended abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings and
    will be available at the time of registration.

    Important Dates:
    Deadline for the submission of an extended abstract: January 10, 2002
    Notification of Acceptance: January 31, 2002
    Deadline for the submission of revised versions and proceedings inclusion:
    March 30, 2002
    Deadline for early registration: March 30, 2002

    13th Mini-EURO Conference and 9th EWGT Meeting: June 10-12, 2002

    Deadline for the submission of full papers: July 30, 2002


    A selected set of full papers (each max. 7,500 word) will be published in a
    special issue (or special section) of a prominent academic journal, e.g.
    European Journal of Operational Research. The authors who wish their full
    papers reviewed for publication, are invited to submit the full paper within
    one month after the meeting.


    13th Mini EURO-Conference + 9th Meeting of the EWGT

    early registration: 250 EURO (before March 30, 2002)
    late registration: 300 EURO (after March 30, 2002)
    Reduced fee for students: 150 EURO

    The fee includes the registration to both conferences, proceedings, lunch,
    coffee breaks and conference dinner.

    Michele Ottomanelli (Scientific Secretariat) phone +39 0805963 380
    Emilia Trentadue (Administrative Secretariat) phone +39 0805963 220

    Polytechnic of Bari - Dept. of Highways and Transportation
    Via Orabona, 4 - 70125 Bari, Italy
    fax. +39 0805963 329
    e-mail: ewg2002@poliba.it

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