FLINS'2002: Announcement and first Call for Papers

From: Mike Nachtegael (mike@nachtegael.com)
Date: Sat Oct 27 2001 - 00:18:23 MET DST

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    Announcement and First Call for Papers

    FLINS 2002 - 5th International FLINS Conference on
    Computational Intelligent Systems for Applied Research

    September 16-18, 2002, Ghent, Belgium

    Organised by The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN)
    and Ghent University, Belgium

    URL: http://fuzzy.rug.ac.be/flins2002

    FLINS, an acronym for Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent technologies in Nuclear
    Science, is a well-established international research forum to advance the
    theory and applications of computational intelligence for applied research
    in general and for nuclear science and engineering in particular.

    FLINS 2002 is the fifth in a series of conferences on computational
    intelligence for applied research and follows the successful FLINS'94 in
    Mol, FLINS'96 in Mol, FLINS'98 in Antwerp, and FLINS 2000 in Bruges,
    Belgium. FLINS 2002 aims at covering state-of-the-art research and
    development in computational intelligence for applied research and in
    particular for nuclear science and engineering. The major goals of this
    forum are to bridge the gap between theory and applications as well as to
    encourage interactions among scientists, researchers, and engineers from
    universities, research institutes, and industrial companies.

    Topics of Interest

    - Fuzzy Logic
    - Neural Networks
    - Genetic Algorithms
    - Probabilistic Computing
    - Hybrid Methods
    - Intelligent Agents and Agent Theory
    - Causal Models
    - Case-based Reasoning
    - Chaos Theory
    - Rough Set Theory
    - Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory
    - Evidence Theory
    - Interactive Computational Models

    And their applications to:

    - Decision Support Systems
    - Process and System Control, System Identification and Modelling, and
    - Signal or Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
    - Condition Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis, Systems Integration
    - Internet Tools, Human-Machine Interface
    - Time Series Prediction, Noise Analysis, Real Time Systems
    - Robotics, Motion Control
    - Virtual Reality, Telecommunications
    - Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Power and Energy
    - Data Mining, Data Visualisation, Intelligent Information Retrieval, and
    Autonomous Reasoning
    - Risk Analysis and Safety Related Issues


    Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract containing the paper
    title, the authors' names and affiliations, complete address (including
    e-mail, fax, and phone) of the corresponding author(s), up to five keywords
    and the abstract (1000-1500 words), before December 15, 2001 by mail, fax,
    or e-mail to the FLINS 2002 Conference Co-Managers (see below). E-mail
    submission is highly encouraged.

    The organizers intend to have the conference proceedings available at the
    conference to the delegates. All accepted papers reviewed by the scientific
    program committee of FLINS 2002 will be published as a book form by World
    Scientific Publishers. Proceedings styles for the final camera-ready copy
    are at
    s.shtml (book size: 8.5" X 6").

    The selected papers from the proceedings of FLINS 2002 will be further
    peer-reviewed and published as the special issue of FLINS 2002 in an
    International Journal.

    Important dates

    - Extended abstract submission deadline: December 15, 2001
    - Notification of acceptance: February 15, 2002
    - Final manuscript deadline: April 15, 2002

    Conference fee

    - Early registration fee by April 15, 2002: 400 euro
    - Later regular registration fee after April 15, 2002: 450 euro

    Students (Student ID card is required)
    - Early registration fee by April 15, 2002: 300 euro
    - Later regular registration fee after April 15, 2002: 350 euro

    All fees mentioned are inclusive 21 % VAT.

    Registration fee includes (for everyone):
    - All conference sessions
    - A copy of the final program and the proceedings (book form by World
    - Coffee breaks with refreshments
    - 3-day lunches
    - Conference reception (Monday, September 16, 2002)
    - Conference dinner (Tuesday, September 17, 2002)

    General conference information

    Honorary Chairs: Lotfi Zadeh and Hans Zimmermann

    General Chair: Da Ruan

    Program Chair: Etienne Kerre

    SCK-CEN Advisors: Pierre D'hondt and Paul Govaerts

    Conference Co-Managers: Martine De Cock and Mike Nachtegael

    Conference Secretary: Sikkie Lenaerts

    International Scientific Program Committee (tentative):

    K. Atanassov (Bulgaria), Z. Bien (Korea), O. Castillo (USA), G. Chen
    (China), D. Dubois (France), P.F. Fantoni (Norway), E. Gregoire (France), P.
    Guo (Japan), M.M. Gupta (Canada), W. Halang (Germany), R. Hampel (Germany),
    C. Huang (China), J. Kacprzyk (Poland), C. Kahraman (Turkey), G.J. Klir
    (USA), D. Maravall (Spain), J. Montero (Spain), B.S. Moon (Korea), Y.
    Nishiwaki (Austria), M. Oussalah (UK), I. Pazsit (Sweden), H. Prade
    (France), I. Perfilieva (Czech Republic), G. Resconi (Italy), R.A. Ribeiro
    (Portugal), D. Roverso (Norway), P. Shi (China), R.E. Uhrig (USA), A.J. van
    der Wal (The Netherlands), J. Vandewalle (Belgium), P.P. Wang (USA), Y. Xu
    (China), R.R. Yager (USA), X. Zeng (France), J. Zhang (Germany), C. Zhou

    Correspondence and further information

    For correspondence and further information, please contact:

    FLINS 2002 Conference Co-Managers
    Martine De Cock and Mike Nachtegael
    Fuzziness and Uncertainty Modelling Research Unit
    Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
    Ghent University
    Krijgslaan 281-S9
    9000 Gent
    Email: martine.decock@rug.ac.be or mike@nachtegael.com
    Phone: +32-9 264 47 72
    Fax: +32-9 264 49 95

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