IEA/AIE 2002 First Call For Papers

Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 07:08:56 MET DST

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    The Fifteenth International Conference on Industrial & Engineering
    Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
    to be held in
    Cairns, Australia
    June 17-20, 2002


    Artificial intelligence and expert/knowledge-based systems are
    increasingly being used in engineering and industrial problems. In order
    to discuss the state of the art and future if these systems, we are
    honoured to invite you to the IEA/AIE-2002 conference.

    This major international conference will be held on the Gold Coast in
    Australia, home to the unique Great Barrier Reef known throughout the
    world as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

    The conference proceedings, published in a bound volume by
    in their 'Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence' series, will be
    available at the conference.


    General Chair: Moonis Ali, USA

    Program Chair: Tim Hendtlass, Australia

    Program Co-Chair: Biakunth Nath, Australia

    Web site chair: Clinton Woodward, Australia

    Publicity Chair: David Liley, Australia
                        David Braendler, Australia

    Donations Chair: Ilona Jagielska, Australia
                        Graham Forsyth, Australia

    Local Arrangements: Cairns & Region Convention Bureau.


     - Adaptive Control
     - Evolutionary Algorithms
     - Machine Learning
     - Applications to Manufacturing
     - Fuzzy Logic
     - Model-based Reasoning
     - Autonomous Agents
     - Genetic Algorithms
     - Natural Language Processing
     - AI Application to Design
     - Genetic Programming
     - Neural Networks
     - Case-based Reasoning
     - Heuristic Search
     - Planning and Scheduling
     - Computer Vision
     - Image recognition
     - Reasoning under Uncertainty
     - Collective Intelligence
     - Internet Applications of AI
     - Spatial Reasoning
     - Data Mining
     - Intelligent Systems
     - System Integration Tools
     - Distributed Problem Solving
     - KBS Methodologies
     - Speech Recognition
     - Expert Systems
     - Knowledge processing
     - Temporal Reasoning


    Information on special events such a keynote / plenary presentations,
    workshops, invited / plenary sessions will updated on the IEA/AIE-2002


     - ISAI - International Society of Applied Intelligence
     - CISCP - Centre for Intelligent Systems and Complex Processes,
                      Swinburne University of Technology
     - AAAI - American Association for Artificial Intelligence
     - ACM/SIGART - Association for Computing Machinery (Special Interest
                      Group on Artificial Intelligence)
     - CSCSI - Canadian Society for Computational Studies of
     - ECCAI - European Coordinating Committee for Artificial
     - IEE - Institution of Electrical Engineers
     - INNS - International Neural Network Society
     - JSAI - Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
     - SWT - South West University of Texas
     - SUT - Swinburne University of Technology


    Submission of papers can be done through our website Intending authors should go to this
    site and follow the prompts to see how to submit their paper. Papers are
    to be written in English, of up to 10 single spaced pages, presenting
    results of original research or innovative practical applications
    to the conference. Practical experiences with state-of-the-art AI
    methodologies are also acceptable when they reflect lessons of unique
    value to the conference attendees. All papers will be required to
    a key word list including one or more of the topics listed above. ALL
    papers will be formally peer reviewed. If you submit a paper you will
    receive a notification e-mail with the paper number. Please use this
    reference number in the subject line in all correspondence. Please do
    send us any hard copies at this stage.


    Researchers are invited to submit proposals for workshops. Workshops
    consist of several presentations or open discussions on a specific
    subject. The proposal must include the title, the topics covered, the
    proposed speakers, the targeted audience, and the estimated length. It
    should be submitted to the program chair, by the end of January. For
    further details, consult the program chair or see the conference web


    Submission Deadline : November 5th 2001
    Notification of Acceptance : End of January 2002 (for most papers)
    Delivery of Final Manuscripts : February 15th 2002


    John H. Andreae, NZ
    Dieter Barschdorff, Germany
    Fevzi Belli, Germany
    Ivan Bratko, Slovenia
    Patrick Brezillon, France
    Kai Chang, USA
    Paul Chung, UK
    John Debenham, Australia
    Gino Dini, Italy
    Tadeusz Dobrowiecki, Hungary
    Mark Girolami, UK
    Hans Werner Guesgen, NZ
    Mehdi Harandi, USA
    Rosemary Irrgang, Australia
    Ray Jarvis, Australia
    Nikola Kasabov, NZ
    Gerard Ligozat, France
    Dickson Lukose, Australia
    Manton Matthews, USA
    Bob McKay, Australia
    Debasis Mitra, USA
    László Monostori, Hungary
    Yi Lu Murphey, USA
    Angel Pobil, Spain
    Don Potter, USA
    Henri Prade, France
    Takushi Tanaka, Japan
    Jozsef Vancza, Hungary
    Geoff West, Australia
    Gerhard Widmer, Austria
    Graham Williams, Australia
    Ingrid Zukerman, Australia

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