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                   CALL for PARTICIPATION


        Fifth International Workshop CIA 2001 on


                 September 6 - 9, 2001

                     Modena, Italy


    This workshop is co-sponsored by

      NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA.
      NOKIA Research, USA.
      Swiss Life AG, Switzerland.
      AgentLink II, European Network of Excellence for Agent-Based Computing.
      AutoDesk Inc., USA.
      Object Technology Consulting, Italy.
      George Mason University, USA.
      IFMAS International Foundation of Multiagent Systems.

    As in its tradition, CIA 2001 offers you an exclusive set
    of very high-quality talks given by distinguished experts in the field
    reporting on recent innovations and advances
    in R&D of intelligent information agents and systems world-wide.


    * Tim Finin (University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA)
    * Matthias Jarke (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
    * Gian Pietro Picco (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
    * Yasuhiko Kitamura (Osaka City University, Japan)
    * Cristiano Castelfranchi (NSC Rome, Italy)


    Updated information on the preliminary program is available in the Web at:
    You may also find the preliminary program attached to this message.


    The CIA workshop proceedings have been published in the Springer
    Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series (LNAI vol. 1202, 1435, 1652, 1860).
    The proceedings of CIA 2001 workshop (LNAI vol. 2182, Springer)
    will be available at the workshop.


    The registration fee includes one copy of the proceedings, the reception,
    the visit to the Ferrari museum, the social dinner, and coffee breaks.
    The registration fee amounts to
    * 240 Euro if you register before July 25, 2001
    * 300 Euro otherwise.
    A registration form (for registration online or via fax) is available at:


    Modena is a nice small city in the Padana plain situated in northern Italy,
    in Emilia Romagna, very close to Bologna (40 km).
    The nearest international airport is that of Bologna (Airport Bologna Guglielmo Marconi)
    which has very frequent direct connections to all major hubs world-wide.
    >From the Bologna airport, a fast shuttle to Modena is available running every 30 minutes.

    Address of the conference venue:
    University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
    Dept. of Engineering Science
    Postal address: via Vignolese, 905 - 41100 Modena Italy

    A list of hotels available in Modena ranging from very cheap student
    accommodations provided by the University to very fine hotels is at:


    For further information and help concerning technical equipment,
    travel and accomodation please contact:
    Franco Zambonelli
    Tel.: +39-059-2056133
    Fax: +39-059-2056126

    For information on all other issues please contact:
    Matthias Klusch
    Tel.: +49-681-302-5297, +49-681-8317676, +49-177-2542399
    Fax: +49-681-302-2235, +49-681-8317676

      Preliminary Program of CIA 2001

    >>>> SEPTEMBER 6, 2001 <<<<

    9:15 Welcome

    9:30 - 13:00 Session 1
    Information Agents for Mobile and Wireless Environments:
    Practical Issues and Directions

    Invited Talk:
    Information Agents for Mobile and Embedded Devices
    T. Finin (USA)

    Enabling FIPA agents on small devices
    G. Adorni, F. Bergenti, A. Poggi, G. Rimassa (Italy)

    Towards efficient and reliable agent communication in
    wireless environments
    H. Helin, M. Laukkanen (Finland)

    11:15 -- coffee break --

    Invited Talk:
    Mobile Agents: State of the Art and Research Challenges
    G.P. Picco (Italy)

    -- 15 min open discussion on talks of the session --

    LUNCH BREAK (13:00 - 14:30)

    14.30 - 16:00 Session 2
    Personal Assistance: Interaction and Avatars

    Invited Talk:
    Interactive Integration of Information Agents on the Web
    Y. Kitamura,et al. (Japan)

    Improving communication in 3D virtual environments
    by means of task delegation in agents
    R. Imbert, A. de Antonio, J. Segovia (Spain)

    Wizard of Oz Method for Learning Dialog Agents
    M. Okamoto, Y. Yang, T. Ishida (Japan)

    16:00 -- 30 min coffee break --

    16:30 - 18:00 Session 3
    Information Search and Recommendation

    16:30 - 16:45
    Supporting User-Profiled Semantic Web-Oriented Search
    L. Palopoli, D. Rosaci, G. Terracina, D. Ursino (Italy)

    16:45 - 17:00
    Recommending a trip plan by negotiation with a software travel agent
    V.-W. Soo, S.-H. Liang (Taiwan)

    17:00 - 17:15
    CoWing: A collaborative bookmark management system
    R. Kanawati, M. Malek (France)

    17:15 - 17:30
    Context-Aware Agents for Personal Information Services
    E. Plaza, J.-L. Arcos (Spain)

    17:30 - 17:45
    Part of Session 9 (Issues of Collaboration and Coordination):
    A mechanism for temporal reasoning by collaborative agents
    M. Hadad, S. Kraus (Israel, USA)

    -- 15 min open discussion on talks of the day --

    18.30 - 20.00
    Reception at the Faculty of Engineering Hall

    >>>> SEPTEMBER 7, 2001 <<<<

    9.15 - 10:45 Session 4
    Data Warehousing and Mining

    Invited Talk:
    Data Warehouse Quality and Agent Technology
    M. Jarke (Germany)

    Decision Trees for Multiple Abstraction Levels of Data
    D. Lee, M. Jeong (Korea)

    -- 15 min open discussion on talks of the session --

    10:45 - 13:00 Session 5
    Collaborative Information Agents: Systems and Applications

    Supporting Information Integration With Autonomous Agents
    S. Bergamaschi, G. Cabri, F. Guerra, L. Leonardi,
    M. Vincini, F. Zambonelli (Italy)

    11:15 -- coffee break --

    Extending a multi-agent system for genomic annotations
    K. Decker, S. Khan, C. Schmidt, D. Michaud (USA)

    Using agents in performing multi-site queries
    E. di Nitto, C. Ghezzi, M. Sabba, P. Selvin (Italy)

    Domain-independent ontologies for cooperative information agents
    M. Gomez, C. Abasolo, E. Plaza (Spain)

    -- 15 min Open discussion on talks of the day --

    LUNCH BREAK (13:15 - 14:30)

    14:30 - 15:30 Session 6: System Demonstrations

    LEAP - Enabling FIPA agents on small devices
    Federico Bergenti (University of Parma, Italy)

    Towards Efficient and Reliable Agent Communication in Wireless Environment
    H. Helin, M. Laukkanen (Sonera, Finland)

    16:00 - 23:00 SOCIAL PROGAM

    >>>> SEPTEMBER 8, 2001 <<<<

    9:00 - 10:45 Session 7
    Trading Internet Agents (1): Auctions

    An autonomous bidding agent for simultaneous auctions
    N. Formara, L.M. Gambardella (Switzerland)

    Optimality and risk in purchase from multiple auctions
    O. Shehory (Israel)

    Cryptographic protocols for secure second-price auctions
    F. Brandt (Germany)

    -- 15 min open discussion on talks of the session --

    10:45 - 13:00 Session 8
    Trading Internet Agents (2):
    Strategies, Negotiation, and Design

    Equilibria strategies for selecting sellers and satisfying buyers
    C.V. Goldman, S. Kraus, O. Shehory (USA, Israel)

    11:15 -- coffee break --

    On the logical aspects of argument-based negotiation among agents
    L. Brito, P. Novais, J. Neves (Portugal)

    Introducing a multi-agent, multi-criteria methodology for modeling
    electronic consumer's behavior: The case of Internet radio
    N. Manouselis, N.F. Matsatsinis (Greece)

    Modeling commercial knowledge to develop advanced agent-based
    marketplaces for e-commerce
    M. Molina (Spain)

    Arms race within information ecosystems
    B. Carlsson, R. Gustavsson (Sweden)

    -- 15 min discussion on talks of the session --

    LUNCH BREAK (13:15 - 14:30)

    14:30 - 17:45 Session 9
    Issues of Collaboration and Coordination

    Invited Talk:
    Information Agents: The Social Nature of Information and the Role of Trust
    C. Castelfranchi (Italy)

    A Framework for the Exchange and Installation of Protocols
    in a Multi-Agent System
    T. Iwao, Y. Wada, M. Okada, M. Amamiya (Japan)

    Ontology negotiation as a basis for opportunistic cooperation between
    intelligent information agents
    S.C. Ballin, W. Truszkowski (USA)

    16:00 -- coffee break --

    Agent coordination infrastructures for virtual enterprises and
    workflow management
    A. Ricci, E. Denti, A. Omicini (Italy)

    16:45 -- 30 min open discussion on the talks of the day --

    17:15 - 18:00 Session 10
    Closing of the Workshop

    - Workshop Results, Facts & Acknowledgements
    - CIA Best Paper Award 2001
    - CIA System Innovation Award 2001
    - Announcement of CIA 2002

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