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    The Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL) ( at
    University of Nevada, Reno invites applications for postdoc and research
    assistant positions starting in Fall 2001/Spring 2001. Preference will be
    given to students who want to pursue a PhD degree in Computer Vision. Active
    research areas within CVL include object recognition, face detection, face
    recognition, human tracking, head tracking and pose estimation, hand tracking
    and pose estimation, eye-gaze estimation, human activity recognition,
    surveillance, and biometrics. CVL is currently funded by NSF, NASA, and DOD.
    It is also collaborating with several government and industrial laboratories
    including Los Alamos National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Ford,
    and Honeywell. CVL is well equipped with Sun Ultra Workstations, PCs, Sony
    EVI-D30 cameras, frame grabbers, mobile robots, printers etc. Computer Vision
    is a major research area within the CS Department.

    Requirements: You must have a first degree in either an Engineering subject,
    in Mathematics, in Physics, or in Computer Science. A good Mathematical
    background, programming skills in C or C++, and familiarity with Unix/Linux
    are necessary. Prior familiarity with Image Processing, Computer Vision,
    Pattern Recognition, and Artificial Neural Networks is desirable.

    Interested students should send their CV by regular mail, e-mail, or fax to:

    Dr. George Bebis fax: (775) 784-1877
    Department of Computer Science phone: (775) 784-6463
    University of Nevada email:
    Reno, NV 89557

    Some information about UNR
    The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) ( is a land grant
    institution, established in 1874 (see next page for information about the
    Reno metropolitan area). It has 11 schools and colleges and offers 70 majors
    for an undergraduate degree; 70 master's degree programs; and 34 doctoral
    programs including a four-year medical school. The University of UNR's 12,500
    students come from all 17 Nevada counties, from all 50 states and from
    more than 80 countries. The university conducts more than $70 million in
    research grants and contracts each year. UNR is fully accredited by the
    Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. The Department of Computer
    Science ( is one of the four departments within
    the College of Engineering. It has 9 full-time faculty and 8 adjunct faculty
    and offers degrees in Computer Science (BS, MS) and Computer Engineering (BS,

    MS, and PhD). CS has about 260 undergraduates, 60 MS, and 12 PhD students.

    Some information about the Reno metropolitan area
    UNR is an integral part of the Reno metropolitan area, home to approximately
    300,000 people. The 255-acre main campus, located minutes from downtown Reno,
    features both contemporary and historic architecture, and the university's
    tree-lined Quadrangle is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
    The academic atmosphere is filled with rich surroundings for the cultural and
    intellectual development of the students. Reno is bounded on the west by the
    majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range and on the east by the rolling basin
    range province, Reno benefits from a comfortable climate. There are four
    distinct seasons in this cool, dry climate where the sun shines nearly 290
    days a year. The area is noted for its variety of recreational opportunities,
    which include sailing, camping, hiking, fishing, and sightseeing. Within an
    hour's drive of the campus, for example, are Lake Tahoe in the High Sierra,
    and Pyramid Lake, a unique prehistoric desert sea. Also within an hour's
    are a number of nationally known ski areas, including Squaw Valley, site of
    the 1960 Winter Olympics. Other scenic attractions include Virginia City,
    setting of one of the West's richest mining bonanzas; Genoa, the state's
    pioneer settlement; and Carson City, the Nevada state capital. Reno is
    within 2 hours' drive from Sacramento and 3.5 hours' drive from San

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