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     From the webpage:

                             PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS


                                   May 29-31, 2002
          Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Engineering Department
                            80680 Macka Istanbul, Turkey

                            In Technical Cooperation with

                    International Fuzzy Systems Association, IFSA
                            University of Toronto, Canada

                                  Honorary Chairman
                                  Lotfi Zadeh (USA)

                                 Conference Chairmen
                               A. Fahri Özok (Turkey)
                             I. Burhan Turksen (Canada)

                              Cengiz Kahraman (Turkey)
                               Fethi Calisir (Turkey)

                                Organizing Committee
                              Cengiz Kahraman (Turkey)
                               Fethi Calisir (Turkey)

                         International Scientific Committee
                                 R. Felix (Germany)
                                 R. Fuller (Germany)
                              P. Hajek (Czech Republic)
                                 L. Koczy (Hungary)
                              H-J Zimmermann (Germany)
                                H.L. Larsen (Denmark)
                                  R.R. Yager (USA)
                                 J.J. Buckley (USA)
                                R. Mesiar (Slovakia)
                                R. Slowinski (Poland)
                                  M. Umano (Japan)
                                    Z. Irani (UK)
                                  Da Ruan (Belgium)
                                J. Kacprzyk (Poland)
                                 E.H. Ruspini (USA)
                               N. Callaos (Venezuella)
                                L.H. Tsoukalas (USA)
                                  G. Salvendy (USA)
                                   A. Kandel (USA)
                                   P.P. Wang (USA)
                              A.A. Goldenberg (Canada)
                                 G.K. Knopf (Canada)
                                 O. Kaynak (Turkey)
                                   Z.Sen (Turkey)

    The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners
    from the industry and academia and provide them a platform to report on
    recent developments on fuzzy systems and soft computational intelligence in
    management and industrial engineering.

    Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Knowledge-based & Expert
    Systems, Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems, Industrial Control, Financial &
    Stock Market Monitoring and Prediction,Genetic Algorithms, Managerial
    Applications of Computational Intelligence Tools, Cognitive Science,
    Presentations of Computational Intelligence Oriented Companies and Their
    Products, Case-based Approximate Reasoning and Problem Solving,
    Human-Computer Interaction, E-Commerce, Simulation, Multi-Media and
    Web-based Technologies, Logistics and Supply Chain, Scheduling, Production
    Planning and Control, Quality Assurance & Evaluation methodology, Human
    Factors & Ergonomics in Production & Service Systems.

    The papers submitted for presentation at FSSCIMIE'2002 must be original, not
    published or being considered elsewhere. All papers accepted for
    presentation will appear in the proceedings of the conference and will be
    distributed to the participants.

    The presented papers will be further screened for possible publication in a
    special issue of "Journal of Logistics Information Management"

                               Submissions of Papers
    Prospective authors should submit the abstracts of their papers either
    electronically or hard copies, up to two pages in 10-12 point font, before
    October 22, 2001 to the address of the Conference Secretariat given below.
    Abstracts should include five to ten keywords, and the technical area(s)
    most relevant to your paper, and the corresponding author's e-mail address.
    Please use the e-mail address for the electronic submission of the papers.

              Parallel Presentations and Poster/Demonstration Sessions
    When considering submissions for the parallel presentations, authors should
    consider whether their material may be more effectively presented in the
    poster/demonstration sessions. Poster/demonstration sessions have been
    especially designed to accommodate the presentation of late-breaking
    scientific and professional news; work in progress; work which can be more
    effectively presented via demonstration or when the author feels more
    comfortable presenting the material in written form or demonstrating it
    rather than by oral presentation.

                                   Conference Fees
    The conference registration fee includes refreshments, light lunches, final
    program and one copy of the conference proceedings. To encourage student
    attendance, a special discount on the conference fee is available for
    student attendees. The student conference registration fee includes
    refreshments, light lunches, final program and one copy of the conference
    proceedings. To be eligible for the discounted conference fee, students must
    provide documentary evidence in the form of a letter from the Head of their
    department or their Student ID card. This discount does not apply to student
    authors presenting a paper. Those students presenting a paper must pay the
    regular registration fee. Authors/Presenters, who have been notified of the
    acceptance of their paper/s, may register for one paper of up to six pages
    at the conference registration fee. For authors having more than one paper
    and/or more than six pages in a paper, please include ADDITIONAL FEES as
    detailed below. The number of extra pages is to be considered per paper and
    not in total. All registration materials must be received by January 15,
    2002 in order for paper/s to be published in the proceedings.

    Conference Fee:

    On or before 29 December 2001 US$ 400.00

    After 29 December 2001 US$ 450.00

    Student Discounted Fee US$ 250.00

    Additional Fees:

    Conference Dinner Ticket US$ 30.00

    Additional pages (for paper more than 6 pages long) US$ 40.00 per page

    Additional paper/s US$ 100.00

    Additional Proceedings US$ 150.00 each (Requests for proceedings after
    December 29, 2001 will depend on availability and will be provided on a
    first come first served basis)

    Method of Payment: Payment may be made by bank transfer,VISA card,
    International Money Order or Cheque in US dollars made payable to
    FSSCIMIE?2002. Registration is confirmed upon receipt of payment. Payments
    are non-refundable upon cancellation less than 30 days prior to the event.
    Substitutes are allowed.

                               Conference Secretariat
                            Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kahraman
                             FSSCI-MIE'2002 Secretariat
                            Istanbul Technical University
                        Department of Industrial Engineering
                             80680 Macka Istanbul Turkey
                      Phone: +90-212-293 13 00 (70 lines)/2073
                Phone:+90-532-661 53 12 (Assoc. Prof. Fethi Calisir)
                               Fax:+ 90-212-240 72 60

    Proposals for invited sessions, proposals of panel discussions and
    demonstrations/exhibitions are also welcome.

                        Let's Meet Where Two Continents Meet
    Istanbul is the only city in the world, which embraces two continents, one
    arm reaching out into Asia, the other into Europe. The former capital of
    three successive empires- Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman- the city is a
    fascinating mixture of past and present, old and new, modern and
    traditional. The museums, churches, palaces, mosques and bazaars and the
    sights of natural beauty seem inexhaustible.

    Istanbul is one of the cheapest cities in the world. You will be suprised
    when you see the prices of goods and services (1 US $ = 1,150,000 Turkish



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