(FW) WSOM'01: Call for Participation

From: Dr Hujun Yin (hujun@soft.ee.umist.ac.uk)
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 15:50:43 MET DST

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    WSOM'01-Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps 2001
                      13-15 June, Lincoln, UK

                      Call for Participation

    Dear Colleague,

    You are cordially invited to join this prestigious international
    event. These workshops are highly selective and dedicated and have
    proved themselves to be the premier event for the Self-Organizing
    Neural Networks communities to present their recent findings and
    to meet in an intellectually stimulating, productive and friendly

    This year's workshop features 38 presentations from 15 countries,
    including a honorary lecture by Teuvo Kohonen and three keynote
    talks by international experts: Marc van Hulle, Lei Xu, and Samuel
    Kaski. Technical sessions will be held on Theory and Extension,
    Data Mining and Visualization, Financial Analysis, Document and
    Internet Analysis, Vector Quantization, Pattern Recognition,
    Hardware, Condition Monitoring, and Signal Processing.

    The programme and registration information is available on the
    conference Web site at http://wsom01.ee.umist.ac.uk.
    A copy of the programme in plain text is attached for your

    We look forward to seeing you in Lincoln.

    Best regards

    WSOM'01 Organising Committee

                            WSOM 2001 Programme

    Wednesday, 13 June

    08:30-18:00 Registration Desk open

    12:30-14:00 Lunch

    14:00-14:15 Welcome by Vice Chancellor of ULH and WSOM'01 Chairman

    14:15-14:55 Invited Talk: SOM-based exploratory analysis
                    of gene expression data,
                    S. Kaski

    Session WA1: Theory and Extension 1

    15:00-15:25 A statistical tool to assess the reliability of
                    self-organising maps,
                    M. Cottrell, E. De Bodt, M. Verleysen
    15:25-15:50 Recursive self-organising maps,
                    T. Voegtlin, P. F. Dominey

    Session WB1: Pattern Recognition

    15:00-15:25 A supervised self-organising map for structured data,
                    M. Hagenbuchner, A. C. Tsoi, A. Sperduti
    15:25-15:50 SHAPESOM,
                    P. N. Suganthan

    15:50-16:15 Coffee/Tea Break

    Session WA2: Vector Quantisation 1

    16:20-16:45 VQ-based clustering algorithm of piecewise-
                    I. Lapidot(Voitovetsky), H. Guterman
    16:45-17:10 Adaptive subspace encoders using stochastic
                    vector quantisers,
                    S. P. Luttrell

    Session WB2: Document Analysis

    16:20-16:45 Integrating contextual information into text
                    document clustering with self-organising maps,
                    D. Pullwitt, R. Der
    16:45-17:10 Recent advances with the growing hierarchical
                    self-organising Map,
                    M. Dittenbach, A. Rauber, D. Merkl

    18:10-20:00 Social Events

    Thursday, 14 June

    08:30-14:00 Registration Desk open

    09:00-09:40 Invited Talk: An overview on unsupervised learning
                    from data mining perspective,
                    L. Xu

    Session TA1: Theory and Extension 2

    09:45-10:10 Recursive learning rules for SOMs,
                    J. A. Lee, N. Donckers, M. Verleysen
    10:10-10:35 A topography-preserving latent variable model with
                    learning metrics,
                    S. Kaski, J. Sinkkonen
    10:35-11:00 A SOM association network,
                    T. Yamakawa, K. Horio, R. Kubota

    Session TB1: Data Mining and Visualisation

    09:45-10:10 An approach to automated interpretation of SOM,
                    M. Siponen, J. Vesanto, O. Simula, P. Vasara
    10:10-10:35 Exploring power transformer database using self-
                    organising maps (SOM) and minimal spanning tree (MST),
                    K. Obu-Cann, K. Fujimura, H. Tokutaka, M. Ohkita,
                    M. Inui, S. Yamada
    10:35-11:00 Visualisation induced SOM (ViSOM),
                    H. Yin

    11:00-11:20 Coffee/Tea Break

    Session TA2: Financial and Social Analysis

    11:25-11:50 Analysing health inequalities using SOM,
                    Z. R. Yang
    11:50-12:15 Exploring financial crises data with self-
                    organising maps (SOM),
                    I. Arciniegas, B. Daniel, M. J. Embrechts

    Session TB2: Temporal Signal Processing

    11:25-11:50 Dynamic vector quantisation of speech,
                    S. Garani, J. C. Principe
    11:50-12:15 An essay in classifying self-organising maps
                    for temporal sequence processing,
                    G. Guimaraes, F. Moura-Pires

    12:30-14:00 Lunch

    14:00-14:45 Special Guest Lecture: The SOM for large amounts of
                    symbolic data,
                    T. Kohonen

    Session TA3: Hardware

    14:50-15:15 Multi-dimensional self-organising maps on massively
                    parallel hardware,
                    U. Seiffert, B. Michaelis
    15:15-15:40 A design method of DNA chips using self-
                    organising map,
                    H. Douzono, S. Hara, Y. Noguchi

    Session TB3: Internet Analysis

    14:50-15:15 Self-organising Internet semantic network,
                    S. Shumsky
    15:15-15:40 Self-organising maps of web link information,
                    S. Laakso, J. Laaksonen, M. Koskela, E. Oja

    15:50-16:15 Coffee/Tea Break

    Session TA4: Classification and Clustering

    16:20-16:45 Induced Voronoi kernels for principal manifolds
                    M. Aupetit, P. Couturier, P. Massotte
    16:45-17:10 A new interpolation algorithm employing a self-
                    organising map,
                    T. Yamakawa, K. Horio, Y. Oosako, T. Miki

    Session TB4: Physiological Analysis

    16:20-16:45 Human gait analysis using SOM,
                    H. M. Lakany
    16:45-17:10 An investigation into catastrophic interference
                    on a SOM network,
                    A. Indrayanto, N. M. Allinson

    19:30-22:00 Banquet

    Friday, 15 June

    09:15-09:55 Invited Talk: Towards an information-theoretic
                    approach to kernel-based topographic map formation,
                    M. M. Van Hulle

    Session FA1: Vector Quantisation 2

    10:00-10:25 Estimating relevant input dimensions for
                    self-organising algorithms,
                    B. Hammer, T. Villmann
    10:25-10:50 Vector quantisation with ?-observable
                    M. Aupetit, P. Couturier, P. Massotte

    Session FB1: Condition Monitoring

    10:00-10:25 Signal-based feature extraction and SOM based
                    dimension reduction in a vibration monitoring
                    I. Jossa, U. Marschner, W.-J. Fischer
    10:25-10:50 Self-organising maps for condition assessment
                    of paper insulated cables,
                    J. M. Rodriguez Arroyo, A. J. Beddoes, N. M. Allinson

    10:50-11:15 Coffee/Tea Break

    Session FA2: Optimisation

    11:20-11:45 Optimisation of electronic parts mounting
                    machines using SOM-TSP method with 5 dimensional data,
                    K. Fujimura, S.-I. Fujiwaki, O.-C. Kwaw, H. Tokutaka
    11:45-12:10 Evaluating SOM-based models in text
                    classification tasks for the Greek language,
                    G. Tambouratzis, N. Hairetakis, S. Markantonatou,
                    G. Carayannis

    Session FB2: Image Processing

    11:20-11:45 A new method of Hough transform by using SOM
                    with input vector transformation,
                    T. Yamakawa, K. Horio, S. Izumi, T. Miki
    11:45-12:10 Nonlinear blind source separation using SOMs
                    and applications to image denoising,
                    M. Haritopoulos, H. Yin, N. M. Allinson

    12:15-14:00 Lunch

    Workshop adjourns.

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