ICAGT2001 Main Announcement

From: Lawrence M. Brown (brown@hacettepe.edu.tr)
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 12:16:35 MET DST

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    I think the following announcement will be of interest to members of this
    list, particularly those working on basic concepts in fuzzy set theory,
    fuzzy topology, or on the interface with theoretical computer science. My
    apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.

       Yours faithfully,

                  Lawrence M. Brown (Chairman of the Organizing Committee)

    Main Announcement

    International Conference on Applicable General Topology (ICAGT2001)

    We are pleased to announce that an International Conference on Applicable
    General Topology will be held at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey
    between 12 - 18 August, 2001.

    Keynote Speakers: Abbas Edalat (London), Martin Escardo (Birmingham), Klaus
    Keimel (Darmstadt), Hans-Peter Künzi (Cape Town), Robert Lowen (Antwerp),
    Stephen Watson (Toronto), Richard Wilson (Mexico City) and Dmitrii
    Shakhmatov (Matsuyama).

    Topics of interest at the conference include, but are not limited to:

    Asymmetric Topology (non-Hausdorff separation, order, bitopology,
    Symmetric Topology (application oriented aspects of general topology more
    rooted in classical analysis, topological groups, uniformities, etc.)
    Point-free, Constructive or Categorical Aspects (frame/locale theory, domain
    theory, formal topology, categorical methods)
    Topology on Lattices (fuzzy topology, texture spaces, generalizations)
    Digital Topology (discretisation versus continuity, finite T_0 spaces)
    Applications (to algebra, analysis, computer science, logic, etc.)

    In addition to 55 minute Keynote Talks on the main themes of the conference
    there will be 25 minute Contributed Talks by the participants, Problem
    Sessions and opportunities for informal contacts between Turkish research
    students and experts in their areas of interest.

    Abstracts of talks should be submitted to the Topology Atlas Abstract
    service. There is a link from the features page of our Conference Web Site


    Alternatively, those without access to the Internet may send their abstract
    by e-mail to the organizers at


    The closing date is July 20.

    The Conference Proceedings will be published in the journal Applied General
    Topology (Valencia). Closing date for the submission of papers is January 1,

    The conference will be held on the Beytepe Campus of Hacettepe University.
    Some preliminary information on reaching the site of the conference, and
    other useful travel related information can be found on the Travel Page of
    our Web Site.

    An outline program for the Conference is as follows:

    Arrival: Sunday, August 12.
    Working Days: Monday August 13 - Thursday August 16.
    Ankara Tour: Wednesday Afternoon.
    Cappadocia Trip (optional): Friday August 17 - Saturday August 18.

    Convenient flights from Ankara to Prague are available on Sunday August 19
    for those going to the Prague Topology Conference. See our Travel Page.

    The trip to the world famous Cappadocia region, with its fairy chimneys,
    churches carved from the living rock, secret valleys and underground cities,
    is highly recommended. More information and pictures will be available on
    our Web Site soon.

    Registration Details.

    Registration fee: Regular $90. Student $40.

    Regular participants from developing countries whose institution cannot pay
    their registration fee may register at the lower rate.

    Accommodation and meals. Since Beytepe is on the outskirts of Ankara we
    foresee that the majority of participants will wish to stay on Campus and
    take their meals together. We are offering a room with private toilet and
    bathroom facilities, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the following prices
    per person per day:

    Single Occupancy: $54. Sharing a Double Room: $37.

    Cappadocia Trip: We will leave Beytepe early on Friday morning and return on
    Saturday evening. The price below includes the coach journey, a guided tour
    of the Cappadocia region, meals and accommodation in the luxurious four star
    Perissia Hotel on Friday night:

    Single Room: $90. Double Room: $75.

    Rooms on Beytepe Campus will be available for Saturday night, if desired.

    Methods of Payment. Payment may be made in cash on arrival at the Conference
    or transferred to our Bank Account in Ankara.

    You can save 6% on your total payment by registering by June 11 and 5%
    by sending a one-third deposit to our bank account. Full details are
    on the Registration Page of our Web Site.

    Forms: You may complete the form on our Web Site to register for ICAGT,
    reserve registration on Beytepe Campus and book for the Cappadocia Trip. If
    you do not have access to the Internet please let us know and we will send
    you additional information and a text-based form that you can complete and
    e-mail to us.

    Hoping to see you at the Conference.

    Coordination: Lawrence M. Brown and Murat Diker

    International Organization: Local Organization and Promotion:

    Guillaume Brümmer Halis Aygün
    Melvin Henriksen Ali Bülbül
    Ralph. D. Kopperman Mustafa Çiçek
    George M. Reed Dogan Çoker
    Ivan L. Reilly Riza Ertürk
    Sergio Salbany Haydar Es
    Dieter Spreen Emin Özçag
                                                    Orhan Özer
                                                    Yücel Tiras.

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