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From: Vladik Kreinovich (vladik@cs.utep.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 11:50:35 MET DST

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    IPMU 2002 The 9th International Conference on Information
    Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems


    July 1 (Monday)- July 5 (Friday), 2002, Annecy, France

     On the shores of the cleanest lake in
     Europe, surrounded by a scenic range of
     mountains, Annecy is a lovely town in the
     northern French Alps, 40 kms away from
     Geneva Airport. The city, with its superbly
     preserved old town and the lake are set in
     a spectacular mountain scenery. The city
     hosts a wide range of festivals throughout
     the year, in various areas such as
     animation films, sports movies, music,
     etc... With easy reach of the town, this
     natural environment offers an unlimited
     range of sporting opportunities on land,
     water, and in the air. Everybody will find
     something special to enjoy in Annecy, it
     has so much to offer!

     Annecy is located at an altitude of 448
     meters. In June, the weather is usually
     very pleasant and average temperatures are
     between 18°C (64°F) and 28°C (82°F).
     Please, bring a raincoat as evening
     thunderstorms are not uncommon.

     The symposium will be held at the Imperial
     Congress Center which is located within
     walking distance of the town center in
     enchanting surroundings by the side of the
     mountain lake of Annecy in the heart of the
     French Alps. The congress center is part of
     the completly refurbished hotel Imperial
     Palace (built in 1913) and was inaugurated
     in 1990. The present building, immediately
     adjacent to the lake, is divided into three
     main areas: the Congress Center, the Hotel
     (4****) and the Casino of the city. The
     magnificent view of the lake and mountains
     fosters a convivial atmosphere. Guests can
     relax (between sessions, of course...) in
     the park or on the terraces facing the

     Congress Center
     32 Av. d'Albigny
     74000 ANNECY
     Phone : +33 (0) 4
     Fax : +33 (0) 4

     The official language of the conference is
     English. There will be no simultaneous

     European Union attendees need an identity
     card or a passport. Other foreign
     participants entering France for business
     must possess a valid passport. Citizens
     from some countries may also require a
     visa. Please consult your travel agency, or
     the local French Consulate/Embassy, or the
     French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Conference organized by
     LAMII/CESALP, Université de Savoie
     41, Avenue de la Plaine
     B.P. 806
     F-74016 ANNECY Cedex

    Honorary President
     L. A. Zadeh, University of California

     B. Bouchon-Meunier, CNRS, Université Paris VI
     L. Foulloy, Université de Savoie
     R. R. Yager, Iona College, USA

    Organizing Committee
     G. Mauris, (President), Université de Savoie, LAMII
     I. Alloui, Université de Savoie, LLP
     E. Benoit, Université de Savoie, LAMII
     L. Berrah, Université de Savoie, LLP
     S. Galichet, Université de Savoie, LAMII

    Supported by
     Association Francaise d'Intelligence Artificielle, AFIA
     European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology, EUSFLAT
     GDR Image SIgnaux et Systèmes, GDR ISIS
     International Fuzzy System Association, IFSA
     World Organization Systems on Cybernetics, WOSC

    International Program Committee
     J. Aczel (Canada)
     J. Aguilar-Martin (France)
     A. Appriou (France)
     J. Baldwin (United Kingdom)
     H. Berenji (USA)
     P. Besnard (France)
     J. Bezdek (USA)
     I. Bloch (France)
     P. Borne (France)
     P. Bosc (France)
     G. Coletti (Italy)
     P. Diamond (Australia)
     M. Delgado (Spain)
     T. Den?ux (France)
     D. Dubois (France)
     F. Esteva (Spain)
     M. Fedrizzi (Italy)
     D. Fogel (USA)
     F. Gomide (Brazil)
     M. Grabisch (France)
     S. Grossberg (USA)
     S. Guiasu (Canada)
     J. Gutiérrez-Rios (Spain)
     K. Hirota (Japan)
     J. Kacprzyk (Poland)
     A. Kandel (USA)
     E. P. Klement (Austria)
     G. Klir (USA)
     T. Kohonen (Finland)
     R. Kruse (Germany)
     H. L. Larsen (Denmark)
     L. Magdalena (Spain)
     C. Marsala (France)
     H. Nguyen (USA)
     S. Ovchinnikov (USA)
     Z. Pawlak (Poland)
     W. Pedrycz (Canada)
     H. Prade (France)
     A. Ralescu (USA)
     D. Ralescu (USA)
     M. Rifqi (France)
     A. F. Rocha (Brazil)
     E. Ruspini (USA)
     E. Sanchez (France)
     R. Scozzafava (Italy)
     G. Shafer (USA)
     P. Shenoy (USA)
     R. Slowinski (Poland)
     P. Smets (Belgium)
     M. Sugeno (Japan)
     H. Thiele (Germany)
     C. Tijus (France)
     A. Titli (France)
     L. Travé-Massuyès (France)
     E. Trillas (Spain)
     I. B. Turksen (Canada)
     L. Valverde (Spain)
     A. Ventre (Italy)
     J. L. Verdegay (Spain)
     M. A. Vila (Spain)
     H. Zimmermann (Germany)

     Joelle Pellet, IPMU2002
     University of Savoie
     B.P. 806
     F-74016 ANNECY cedex
     Tel +33 450 09 65 40
     Fax +33 450 09 65 59
     email ipmu2002@univ-savoie.fr

    Dates and Deadlines
     September 14, 2001: Submission of special sessions
     October 12, 2001: Notification of acceptance of special sessions
     October 12, 2001: Submission of papers
     February 1, 2002: Notification of acceptance
     March 29, 2002: Submission of final papers
     July 1-5, 2002: Conference

     The IPMU Conference is organized every two years
     with the focus of bringing together scientists
     working on methods for the management of
     uncertainty and aggregation of information in
     intelligent systems. This conference provides a
     medium for the exchange of ideas between
     theoreticians and practitioners in these and
     related areas.

     In 2002, the conference is being held in Annecy, a
     city located in the northern French Alps whose
     enchanting surroundings, by the side of a mountain
     lake, provide many attractions for the visitor.

    * Theory methods and tools
    * Bayesian and Probabilistic Methods, Measure of
     Information and Uncertainty, Evidence Theory,
     Possibility Theory, Utility Theory, Measurement
     Theory, Belief Networks, Chaos Theory, Fuzzy
     Methods, Rough Sets.
    * Belief Updating, Default Reasoning, Multivalued
     Logics, Temporal Reasoning, Non-standard Logics,
     Non-monotonic Logics, Approximate Reasoning.
    * Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Representation,
     Uncertainty in Cognition, Information
     Incompleteness and Inconsistency, Genetic
     Algorithms, Evolutionary Computation, Machine
     Learning, Inductive Methods, Neural Networks,
     Aggregation Methods, Data Analysis.
    * Application fields
    * Intelligent Systems, Fuzzy Control, Diagnosis
     Systems, Expert Systems, Hybrid Systems,
     Clustering, Classification, Databases, Image
     Processing, Intelligent Agents, Pattern
     Recognition, Medical Applications, Mechatronics,
     Financial Engineering, Multi-Media Management,
     Decision Support Systems, Dedicated Architectures
     and Software, Software Engineering, Multicriteria
     and Group Decision Making, Industrial Engineering,
     Information Systems, Information Retrieval,
     Information Fusion, Data Mining.

    Instructions for Authors
     All submitted papers should present
     research advances. Contributions will be
     selected based upon their quality as
     evaluated by at least two reviewers. A
     number of special sessions will be
     included in the program. Authors will be
     invited to contribute to these sessions.
     The special session will be chaired by
     recognised experts in the topics.
     Proposals for special sessions are welcome
     to be considered by the program committee.
     One full registration will cover
     acceptance of up to two papers; each
     additional accepted paper associated with
     the same registration will be subject to
     an additional fee.

    Organization of a special session
     The schedule is the following :
     * By September 14, 2001, the secretariat in
     Annecy must receive the complete list of titles
     of communications and authors (names and
     complete addresses)
     * By October 12, 2001, the organizer is informed
     of the acceptance of his session.
     * The session organizer can take care of the
     reviewing process himself or submit the papers
     to the standard reviewing process. He must
     inform the secretariat of his choice.
     * In any case, the final versions of
     communications must be received by the
     secretariat in Annecy by March 29, 2002, strict

    Paper format
     Submitted papers should be between 4 to 8
     pages in length. The authors should send
     three copies of their papers, written in
     English, no later than October 12, 2001,
     to the Secretariat (see above).

     Submitted papers must be written in two
     column format with an overall width of 16
     cm (7.6 cm each column and 0.8 cm of space
     between columns). Left and upper margins
     should be of 2.5 cm, and the length of the
     text is 24 cm.

     The normal text of the paper should be in
     Times 11 points.

     The instructions are described in the
     Postscript example file, generated from
     the tex file ipmu2002.tex and using the
     document class ipmu2002.cls.

     There is also a word file ipmu2002.doc.
     and a FrameMaker file ipmu2002.fm

     No electronic or fax submissions
     are accepted.

     Send papers to:

     University of Savoie
     B.P. 806
     F-74016 ANNECY cedex


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