KES-2001: Symposium on Fuzzy Evolutionary Games

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Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 21:22:40 MET DST

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              Fifth International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent
                 Information Engineering Systems and Allied Technologies

                                September 6-8, 2001

                        Osaka-Kyoiku University, Osaka, Japan

    Focus Symposium on:

    Fuzzy Multiobjective Programming and Evolutionary Games

    Organizer: Dr. Alexandru Murgu, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

    Scope and Overview

    The theme of this symposium is the bridging of the gap between the standard tools in
    mathematical programming used in the solution of life decision-making problems and the
    flexible formulations which handle the uncertainty by considering a probability versus
    possibility viewpoint combined with the evolutionary approaches. The additive models
    of probability theory received a full development within statistics being justified in
    the presence of ill-known coefficients in linear relations of statistical variability.
    In the fuzzy system tradition, the objective functions and corresponding constraints
    are of the same nature. For example, the fuzzy linear programming combines the soft
    constraints and graded sensitivity analysis with incompletely known coefficients.

    The solutions obtained by using fuzzy multiobjective programming models can be ranked
    according to a degree of rationality which is useful for characterizing the behaviour
    prediction of the investigated system or process (i.e., economical growth, biological
    evolution, population dynamics, etc.). The system evolution can be tracked in terms of
    the evolutionary pressure against various types of behaviours which are considered
    irrational. If the pressure against one type of irrationality is weak, the pressures
    against other types of irrationality may lead the system to an equilibrium before the
    pressure against the first type of irrationality has a chance to have any effect. This
    situation is typical for evolutionary processes with a strong stochastic component.

    In order to stimulate the discussions of ideas along the above lines of thinking, the
    prospective authors are invited to submit papers on one or more of the following

    - multiobjective programming under uncertainty;

    - interactive decision-making for multiobjective programming problems with fuzzy

    - multiobjective fuzzy linear programming problems;

    - fuzzy dynamic regression and scenario analysis;

    - fuzzy approximation models for stochastic programming problems;

    - fuzzy evolutionary game strategies;

    - fuzzy discrete time replicator/selection dynamics;

    - fuzzy replicator of multipopulation dynamic games;

    - fuzzy replication by imitation/contamination games;

    - invariance and stationarity of fuzzy interval mappings;

    - applications: transportation networks, telecommunication networks, economics,
      biology, population dynamics.

    Novel approaches and viewpoints on the specific interrelations and the integration
    efforts of different classes of methods are highly desired.

    Paper Submission

    Prospective authors are invited to submit their draft papers (4-5 single spaced pages)
    to the Session Chair, Dr. Alexandru Murgu (address given below) by MAY 1, 2001. The
    first page of the draft paper should include: title of the paper, name, affiliation,
    postal address, phone number, fax and E-mail address of each author. The first page
    should also include the name of the contact author for notification of acceptance, and
    a list of maximum of 5 keywords. The length of the camera ready papers will be limited
    to 8 pages. Papers must not have been previously published or currently submitted for
    publication elsewhere.

    Electronic submission is highly preferred. Papers could be submitted via e-mail as
    ZIPPED PostScript or PDF documents and be named "", using the name of the
    contact author to the Session Chair until May 1, 2001. If electronic submission is not
    possible, four hard copies must reach the Session Chair by the same date. Notice that
    the final version of accepted papers must be in PostScript, PDF, or source form.

    If you are interesting in presenting your work in one of the above areas, please send
    the draft paper(s) and the abstract(s) of maximum 100 words to

                                Dr. Alexandru Murgu
                  Department of Mathematical Information Technology
                     University of Jyvaskyla, FIN-40351 Jyvaskyla
                               Tel. +358-14-2602757
                               Fax. +358-14-2602731

    The postscript / ASCII format of the paper sent to <> would be
    greatly appreciated. Feel free to distributed this call for papers to your friends and

    Review Process

    All submitted papers and abstracts will be peer reviewed. The papers have to provide
    sufficient information about the background of the problem, indicating the original
    contribution, results, conclusions and providing the adequate references. The accepted
    papers are expected to be presented at the KES-2001 conference.

    Important Dates

       Abstract or paper submission: May 1, 2001
       Acceptance notification: June 1, 2001
       Final manuscript: June 15, 2001

    Additional information on the conference organization and registration documents can
    be obtained at the following web address:



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