CALL FOR REGISTRATION: ESSLLI 2001 (Helsinki, Finland)

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Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 20:53:09 MET

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     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL FOR REGISTRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              13th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information
                                       ESSLLI 2001

                                 University of Helsinki
                                   August 13-24, 2001


                    ** Early registration deadline: 30 April 2001 **


    The 13th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI'01)
    will take place at the University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, during two
    weeks in August, from August 13 until 24.

    The ESSLLI Summer Schools are organised under the auspices of FoLLI
    (, the European Association for Logic, Language and

    The main focus of the European Summer Schools is the interface between
    linguistics, logic and computation. Foundational, introductory and advanced
    courses, workshops and special events cover a wide variety of topics within
    six areas of interest:

      * Logic
      * Language
      * Computation
      * Logic and Language
      * Logic and Computation
      * Language and Computation

    The number of courses offered is over 50. Previous summer schools have been
    highly successful, attracting around 500 students from Europe and elsewhere.
    The school has developed into an important meeting place and forum for
    discussion for students, researchers and IT professionals interested in
    the interdisciplinary study of Logic, Language and Information. In addition
    to courses, workshops and evening lectures there will be a Student Session
    and a social program.


    The full scientific program can be found at our home page. Evening
    Lectures are given by

     * Edward L. Keenan "Spinoza Lecture" (UCLA)
     * Yannis Moschovakis "Vienna Circle Lecture" (UCLA)
     * Keith Devlin (Saint Mary's College, California)
     * Jaakko Hintikka (Boston & Helsinki)
     * Bonnie Webber (Edinburgh)


    There are currently several Calls for Workshop Papers. Please visit our
    home page for detailed information.


    By plane to Helsinki airport and then a 30-minute nonstop coach or taxi
    service to the main railway station. From the railway station 5-minute walk
    to the university.

    A gateway between East and West, the city of Helsinki (population 1M) is
    the capital of Finland and one of the nine European Cities of Culture for
    the millennium. It is located at the warm and sunny south coast of Finland,
    within an easy reach from the main airports worldwide, or inside Europe by
    car or regular train services, or using the ferry services operating within
    the Baltic region.

    The scientific program of ESSLLI'01 will be held in the University Main
    Building, located on the University city campus at the very centre of
    Helsinki. The accommodation will be arranged at the University Summer Hotel
    close to the city campus. The accommodation includes sauna and breakfast.


    ESSLLI 2001 is now open for registration. The registration fee for students
    is just ECU 190, for scholars ECU 350, and for industrial affiliates ECU 600.
    Please visit our home page for the on-line registration form and detailed

    ** Early registration deadline: 30 April 2001 **

    All participants will get a letter of invitation to facilitate the procedure
    of getting a visa.


    There will be a limited number of grants available, to partially support
    travel, registration and accommodation for ESSLLI'01. Instructions for
    grant applications are found at our home page.

    ** Deadline for grant applications: 31 May 2001 **


    During ESSLLI, special "Finnish for Foreigners" language courses will be
    organised, as well as various excursions and other social events. Helsinki
    Summer School ( will offer special deals for
    ESSLLI participants who want to choose some of their courses and earn


    The Association for the Mathematics of Language will stage its annual meeting
    (MoL7) in conjunction with ESSLLI'01 in Helsinki, in the weekend preceding
    ESSLLI in August 10-12, and the affiliated Formal Grammar Conference will be
    held in conjunction with the Mathematics of Language Conference. ESSLLI
    participants are entitled to reduced registration fees.


        Marcus Kracht (Chair) <>
        Jouko Väänänen (Logic)
        Bonnie Webber (Language)
        Claude Kirchner (Computation)
        Michael Moortgat (Logic and Language)
        Steffen Hölldobler (Computation and Logic)
        Claire Gardent (Language and Computation)


    Please visit ESSLLI'01 Home Page


    for updated information concerning the scientific program, registration fees
    and procedures, grants, accommodation, satellite events, and other practical
    information. For further enquiries concerning ESSLLI'01, please contact the
    Organising Committee at <>, or write to

      ESSLLI 2001 Secretariat
      C/o Department of Philosophy
      P.O. Box 24
      00014 Helsinki University

    ESSLLI'01 is organised by the Department of Philosophy (coordinator), the
    Department of Mathematics, the Department of General Linguistics, and the
    Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki.


        Gabriel Sandu (Chair, Philosophy)
        Jouko Väänänen (Mathematics)
        Fred Karlsson (General Linguistics)
        Ilkka Niiniluoto (Philosophy)
        Martti Tienari (Computer Science)
        Ahti Pietarinen (Philosophy, secretariat) <>


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