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Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 14:30:35 MET

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    Please distribute the CFP for the RoboCup Symposium to anybody who is
    potentially interested.

    The CFP is sent to several mailing-lists. Apologies if you receive
    multiple copies.


                       The RoboCup 2001 International Symposium

                                   Call for Papers

    August 7 - 10, 2001

    colocated with the International Joint Conference on AI, IJCAI-01
    Seattle, USA

    Please visit:

    The RoboCup International Symposium will be held in conjunction with
    the RoboCup 2001 Competitions and Demonstrations as the core meeting
    for the presentation of scientific contributions in areas of relevance
    to RoboCup. Its scope is mainly within the fields of Artificial
    Intelligence and Robotics with a broad range of areas of interest,

    * Sensor-Motor Control
    * Vision and Image-Processing
    * Self-localisation and Navigation
    * Planning, Reasoning, and Modeling
    * Learning and Adaptive Systems
    * Multi-Agent Systems
    * Multi-Robot Systems
    * Co-operation and Collaboration
    * Simulation and Visualisation
    * Realtime and Concurrent Programming
    * Embedded and Mobile Hardware
    * Non-conventional actuation systems, especially artificial muscles
    * Next generation sensors for robotics
    * Mobile Robots and Humanoids
    * Search and rescue robots
    * Disaster rescue information systems
    * Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
    * System integration and Software-Engineering
    * Robotics and Science Education
    * Computer and Robotic Entertainment
    * Commentators, Speech Synthesis and Natural Language Generation
    Submissions to the RoboCup International Symposium do not necessarily
    need to be linked to an active participation in the RoboCup games and
    competitions. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the RoboCup
    International Symposium provides an excellent opportunity to introduce
    and spread novel ideas and approaches into various scientific
    disciplines. The experimental character of the RoboCup games gives in
    addition the possibility to get novel ideas and approaches adopted and
    field-tested by a constantly growing community. Papers describing
    real-world research as well as papers dealing with strong theoretical
    results are both welcome. We also encourage the submission of
    high-quality overview articles for any field related to the scope of
    RoboCup, especially the ones listed above.

    The proceedings of RoboCup are published within the Springer
    LNAI-series. All submissions to the International Symposium enter the
    selection process for the RoboCup "Scientific Challenge Award", which
    recognizes outstanding research within a field related to the scope of

    Important dates
    * March 15, 2001 submission deadline
    * May 1, 2001 notification of acceptance
    * June 1, 2001 camera-ready due
    * August 1 - 10, 2001 RoboCup

    Instruction for Submissions
    Submissions must be made by March 15, 2001 in electronic form as
    Postscript or PDF file. Submissions must be formatted according to
    the "Instructions for Authors" of the Springer LNCS/LNAI series. The
    according style-file is available via the Symposium's website at
    "". Contributions can either be
    full paper or poster submissions. Full paper and poster submissions
    are 10 and 6 pages long, respectively. Submissions should be sent via
    anonymous ftp to "" and placed into the directory

    In addition, each submission should be notified via email to with following information (please do NOT send
    your complete submission via email):

    email-subject: submission for RoboCup 2001
    Corresponding Author
       name: email: affiliation: street address: tel/fax:
       file-name: title: authors:

    Organizers and Program Chairs
      Andreas Birk Free University of Brussels, Belgium,
      Silvia Coradeschi Orebro University, Sweden,
      Satoshi Tadokoro Kobe University, Japan,

    Program Committee
      Giovanni Adorni, Italy David Andre, USA
      Ron Arkin, USA Minoru Asada, Japan
      Hajime Asama, Japan Tucker Balch, USA
      Jacky Baltes, New Zealand Ryad Benosman, France
      Ansgar Bredenfeld, Germany Hans-Dieter Burkhard, Germany
      Hendrik Van Brussel, Belgium Thomas Christaller, Germany
      Ruediger Dillmann, Germany Marco Dorigo, Belgium
      Dominique Duhaut, France Edmund H. Durfee, USA
      Jan Frank, Japan Masahiro Fujita, Japan
      John Hallam, United Kingdom Gillian Hayes, United Kingdom
      Wiebe van der Hoek, Netherlands Andrew Howard, USA
      Huosheng Hu, United Kingdom Mansour Jamzad, Iran
      Andrew Jennings, Australia Gerhard Kraetzschmar, Germany
      Ben Kuipers, USA Paul Levi, Germany
      Pedro Lima, Portugal Henrik Lund, Denmark
      Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Spain Fumitoshi Matsuno, Japan
      Yuki Nakagawa, Japan Daniele Nardi, Italy
      Itsuki Noda, Japan Marnix Nuttin, Belgium
      Tsukasa Ogasawara, Japan Masayuki Ohta, Japan
      Yoshikazu Ohtsubo, Japan Enrico Pagello, Italy
      Daniele Polani, Germany Mikhail Prokopenko, Australia
      Martin Riedmiller, Germany Raul Rojas, Germany
      Josep de la Rosa, Spain Alessandro Saffiotti, Sweden
      Paul Scerri, Sweden Elisabeth Sklar, USA
      Patrick van der Smagt, Netherlands Frieder Stolzenburg, Germany
      Peter Stone, USA Shoji Suzuki, Japan
      Katia Sycara, USA Milind Tambe, USA
      Kenichi Tokuda, Japan Micheal Wooldridge, United Kingdom
      Jeremy Wyatt, United Kingdom

    Symposium Website:

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