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Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 16:47:34 MET

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    !!! Concerns all students in Logic, Linguistics and Computer Science !!!
               !!! Please circulate and post among students !!!
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                      ESSLLI 2001 STUDENT SESSION

                         LAST CALL FOR PAPERS

                  August 13-24 2001, Helsinki, Finland

                       Deadline: February 18, 2001


    We are pleased to announce the Student Session of the 13th European
    Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2001)
    organized by the University of Helsinki under the auspices of the
    European Association for Logic, Language and Information
    (FoLLI). ESSLLI 2001 will be held at the University of Helsinki in
    August 2001. We invite submission of papers for presentation at the
    ESSLLI 2001 Student Session and for appearance in the proceedings.

    This sixth ESSLLI Student Session will provide, like the other
    editions, an opportunity for ESSLLI participants who are students to
    present their own work in progress and get feedback from senior
    researchers and fellow-students. The ESSLLI Student Session
    encourages submissions from students at any level, from undergraduates
    (before completion of the Master Thesis) as well as postgraduates
    (before completion of the PhD degree). Papers co-authored by
    non-students will not be accepted. Papers may be accepted for full
    presentation (30 minutes including 10 minutes of discussion) or for a
    poster presentation. The accepted papers will be published in the
    ESSLLI 2001 Student Session proceedings, which will be made available
    during the summer school.

    As in previous years, the best paper will be selected by the program
    committee and will be offered a prize by Kluwer Academic Publishers
    consisting in 1000 Dfl worth of books.

    The Student Session papers should describe original, unpublished work,
    completed or in progress that demonstrates insight, creativity, and
    promise. No previously published papers should be submitted. All
    topics within the six ESSLLI subject areas (Logic, Language,
    Computation, Logic & Language, Logic & Computation, Language &
    Computation) are of interest.

    Student authors should submit an anonymous extended abstract headed by
    the paper title, not to exceed 5 pages in length exclusive of
    references and send a separate identification page (see below). Note
    that the length of the full papers will not be allowed to exceed 10
    pages. Since reviewing will be blind, the body of the abstract should
    omit author names and addresses. Furthermore, self-references that
    reveal the author's identity (e.g., "We previously showed (Smith,
    1991)... ") should be avoided. It is possible to use instead
    references like "Smith (1991) previously showed...". For any
    submission, a plain ASCII text version of the identification page
    should be sent separately, using the following format:

    Title: title of the submission
    First author: firstname lastname
    Address: address of the first author
    Last author: firstname lastname
    Address: address of the last author
    Short summary: abstract (5 lines)
    Subject area (one of): Logic | Language | Computation | Logic and
    Language | Logic and Computation | Language and Computation

    If necessary, the program committee may reassign papers to a more
    appropriate subject area. The submission of the extended abstract
    should be in one of the following formats: PostScript, PDF, RTF, or
    plain text. But note that, in case of acceptance, the final version of
    the paper has to be submitted in LaTeX format. Please, use A4 size
    pages, 11pt or 12pt fonts, and standard margins. Submissions outside
    the specified length and formatting requirements may be subject to
    rejection without review.

    The extended abstract and separate identification page must be sent by
    e-mail to: by FEBRUARY 18, 2001

    In order to present a paper at ESSLLI 2001 Student Session, at least
    one student author of each accepted paper has to register as a
    participant at ESSLLI 2001. The authors of accepted papers will be
    eligible for reduced registration fees. For all information concerning
    ESSLLI 2001, please consult the ESSLLI 2001 web site at

    Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 18, 2001.
    Authors Notifications: April 17, 2001.
    Final version due: May 18, 2001.
    ESSLLI-2001 Student Session: August 13-24, 2001.

    Raffaella Bernardi, University of Utrecht (Logic & Language)
    Patrick Blackburn, Loria Nancy (Logic & Language)
    Gilles Dowek, INRIA (Computation)
    Ruth Kempson, King`s College London (Language)
    Carsten Lutz, University of Aachen (Logic & Computation)
    Ani Nenkova, Columbia University (Logic)
    Ilkka Niemelš, Helsinki University of Technology (Logic & Computation)
    Malvina Nissim, University of Pavia (Language)
    Susanne Salmon-Alt, Loria, Nancy (Language & Computation)
    Jan Schwinghammer, University of the Saarland (Computation)
    Kristina Striegnitz, University of the Saarland (Chair)
    Yde Venema, University of Amsterdam (Logic)
    Shuly Wintner, University of Haifa (Language & Computation)

    For any question concerning the ESSLLI 2001 Student Session, please,
    do not hesitate to contact me:

    Kristina Striegnitz

    Computational Linguistics, University of the Saarland, Germany
    phone: +49 - 681 - 302 4503 email:

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