Vita and Publications of Georg Gottlob

December 2003

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2  Research Interests

3  Professional Activity

4  Teaching

4.1  Academic Teaching

Among others, the following courses were taught:

4.2  Supervision of Master Theses and Doctoral Dissertations

Since 1988 supervision of approximately 60 master theses and 20 Ph.D. theses. The following is a selection of Ph.D. theses.
Wolfgang Nejdl: "Query Processing in a Deductive Prolog/RDBMS System", 1988. (W.Nejdl is currently Professor of Computer Science in Hannover, Germany.)
Michael Schrefl: "Object-Oriented Database Integration", 1989, co-advised with principal advisor Prof. Erich Neuhold. (M. Schrefl is currently Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern Australia at Adelaide.)
Thomas Frühwirth: " Types in Logic Programming", March 1990. (T. Frühwirth is currently a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Ulm, Germany)
Gerhard Friedrich: "Improvements in Model-Based Diagnosis", 1990. (G. Friedrich is currently Professor of Computer Science at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria).
Marcus Stumptner: "Redundancy and Information Content of Data Relations with different Kinds of Null Values", 1990. (M. Stumptner is currently a Professor of Computer Science at the University of South Australia in Adelaide).
Thomas Eiter: "On Transversal Hypergraph Computation and Deciding Hypergraph Saturation", 1991. (Th. Eiter is currently Professor of Computer Science at TU Vienna).
Wolfgang Slany: "Fuzzy Scheduling", 1994. (W. Slany is currently a Professor of Computer Science at TU Graz.)
Franz Wotawa: "Applying Model-Based Diagnosis to Software Debugging of Concurrent and Sequential Imperative Programming Languages", 1996. (F. Wotawa is currently a Professor of Computer Sciene at TU Graz.)
Helmut Veith: "Succinct Representation and the Complexity of Logic and Database Query Languages" (H. Veith is curently a Professor of Computer Science at TU Munich, Germany)

4.3  Nonacademic Teaching

5  Entrepreneurial Activity

Georg Gottlob is co-Founder of Lixto Software GmbH (see The company, which was founded in late 2001 describes itself as follows.

Company Overview

Lixto Software GmbH is a privately held company located in Vienna, Austria. We are a spin-off of Vienna University of Technology and EC3 Electronic Commerce Competence Center. Lixto Software GmbH provides solutions for automatically accessing, transforming, and syndicating data from the Deep Web.
Lixto delivers extraction and transformation services to mobile and web service providers and application software providers which are significantly easier to use through visual support and significantly cheaper to operate and support through their superior design and robustness.
Lixto has been conceived to support and extend the vision of the "semantic web" as outlined by Tim Berners Lee - to make it much easier for computers and humans to access, understand, and further process web content.

Company Focus

Lixto turns classic web pages into meaningful, structured data. The processes of access, transformation and syndication is supported. There is a wide range of applications which can benefit from Lixto.
Lixto focuses on markets where the procurement of outside web intelligence in a structured form, ready for further processing is crucial to the success of a business. These markets include System Integrators, Corporate IT Managers and Web Developers, Mobile and Internet Content providers and Software manufacturers.

Company Vision

The company vision is to enable a wide range of customers to benefit from the power of extracting and processing highly individual and complex information. This can be fulfilled in a highly automated fashion from the World Wide Web in their business applications. The methods are strongly superior to highly repetitive human tasks performed today.
Great savings in cost and productivity will be achieved by having Lixto access, transform and syndicate information, which is traditionally done with human support. Lixto will enable break through ease of use and accelerate time to market for Lixto based solutions.
For several years a group of scientists from the Vienna University of Technology has been working on this vision.

Company Mission

The company mission is to build a highly profitable business and leading European marketshare with the strongest system integration and software application providers.

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