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Projektass. (FWF) Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Michael Abseher

Institute TU Wien
Institute of Information Systems
Database and Artificial Intelligence Group
Address Favoritenstraße 9-11
1040 Wien
Room HE 03 10
Mail abseher at dbai dot tuwien dot ac do at
Phone +43-1-58801-740045
Fax +43-1-58801-9740045

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Office Hours: By appointment (send me an e-mail)

Current Research

I'm currently involved in the following projects:

In the context of my PhD thesis, I developed the htd framework for computing customized tree decompositions. This framework not only allows to obtain decompositions of low width efficiently, but also to obtain decompositions which adhere to custom quality criteria.


Master's Theses

Co-Advisor for Master's thesis
Implementing Variations of the Traveling Salesperson Problem in a Declarative Dynamic Programming Environment (Thesis submitted 2015)
Author: Marius Moldovan
Supervision: Stefan Woltran


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