How to subscribe to the *FLIP++ (StarFlipPlusPlus) mailing-list

Wolfgang Slany (
Sat, 21 Oct 1995 18:05:48 +0100

Welcome to the sflip-mail list. Its purpose is to announce activities
and distribute information related to the *FLIP++ (pronounce:
StarFlipPlusPlus) libraries.


Announcement and Call for Participation for a


An automatic moderated mailing list (Unix-based Listproc) has been
established. To participate, send an electronic mail message to containing just the following
line in the message body (the subject field of the message has no


where you replace "Name" by your real name, for example Wolfgang Slany.
Your email address will be automatically extracted from the header of
your mail. You will then get a welcome mail in response to your
"SUBscribe" command above.

All sflip-mail should be sent to
for distribution among subscribers.

If you prefer getting a digest once a week, send a


command to the address

Send a message containing only the word HELP to to learn more about the commands
at your disposition.

Archives can be found by sending the INDEX -ALL and GET commads
to, see the explanations in HELP for
full details.

We have worked out an online-interface between our lists
and the World-Wide-Web to allow easy access via such programs as
Netscape or NCSA-Mosaic. The address is

Please note that *FLIP++ also has a homepage on
the World-Wide-Web at the adress

By the way, unsubscribing is just as easy as subscribing. Just send
the command UNSUB SFLIP in the body of an otherwise empty mail to from your mailing-address known
to the system (if it changed, write directly to

For further questions, please get in contact with

Wolfgang SLANY
Abteilung fuer Datenbanken und Expertensysteme
Institut fuer Informationssysteme (Nr. 184/2)
Technische Universitaet Wien
Paniglg. 16, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43-1-58801-6123 FAX: +43-1-5055304

Please keep this file for your records.