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We would be most grateful, if you please circulate the enclosed
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The 4th International Conference on Advances in
Pattern Recognition and Digital Techniques
December 28-31, 1999

First Call For Papers

Advisory Committee:

S. B. Rao (India), Chairman, M. G. K. Menon (India),
L. A. Zadeh (USA), A. Rosenfeld (USA), S. Amari (Japan),
J. C. Bezdek (USA),R. M. Haralick (USA), C. R. Rao (USA),
V. Ramanathan (USA), A. P. Mitra (India), J. K. Ghosh (India),
D. Dutta Majumder (India), V. Di Gesu (Italy), T. Yamakawa (Japan),
A. K. Jain (USA), S. Acton (USA), M. Grabisch (France),
K. V. Mardia (UK), J. M. Brady (UK), B. L. Deekshatulu (India),
B. M. Reddy (India), S. C. Dutta Roy (India), R. A. Mashelkar (India),
B. N. Chatterjee (India), N. Ahuja (USA), V. S. Ramamurthy (India),
A. Kakodkar (India).

Organizing Committee:

J. Das, Chairman, N. R. Ganguli, A. K. De, K. S. Ray, B. Chanda,
D. P. Mukherjee, N. C. Deb, S. K. Dutta, S. K. Seal, B. P. Sinha,
M. K. Chakraborty, B. K. Sinha, P. K. Nandi, BEC (DU),
S. K. Sarkar, NPL, Delhi, D. K. Rakshit, JU, M. K. Chakraborty, CU,
A. Maitra, CU, N. R. Pal, Convener.

The Objective : To bring the researchers working in pattern
recognition, digital techniques and related
areas under one umbrella to enable exchange
of ideas and interaction between them for
the advancement of science and technology.

The Theme : Applications of Pattern Recognition and Digital
Techniques to Intelligent Systems.

The Topics of
Interest : These include but not limited to the following:
pattern recognition, image processing & computer
vision, artificial intelligence, signal processing
including speech, radar/satellite remote sensing
with applications, atmospheric modeling & forecasting,
neuro-computing, fuzzy systems, hybrid soft computing
systems, approximate reasoning & related tools like
fractals, chaos, mathematical morphology, genetic
algorithms, & rough sets.

The Venue : The Conference will be held in the Indian Statistical
Institute, Calcutta. The conference site is very close
to the Calcutta International Airport and is well
connected by India's two important railway terminus.

Accommodation : For details about hotels/guest houses/ hostels in the city,
please contact the Conference Secretariat

The Extras : The city of Calcutta is proud of several interesting
site seeing spots including a wonderful museum, a big
zoo, the Victoria memorial and a newly built nice
science city. A local sight seeing program and also a
social / cultural program will be arranged for the
participants. Details will be intimated later.

The Submission
Procedure : Full papers not exceeding 4 A-4 size pages with complete
affiliation of each author including e-mail address,
if any, should be sent to the Chairman, Organizing
Committee by July 15, 1999. Each paper will be reviewed
by prominent researchers in the relevant areas. All
accepted papers will be published in the Conference
Proceedings which will be made available during the

Tutorials and
Invited Sessions : There will be a one-day tutorial preceding the
conference on Dec. 27, 1999. First part of the tutorial
will be on the basics of pattern recognition and various
tools for the same while the second part will focus on
the``state-of-the art''in pattern recognition technology.
A limited number of applicants will be allowed on first
come first served basis. Some special invited sessions
will also be organized by renowned scientists. Proposals
for tutorials outlining the contents and also proposals
for invited sessions may be sent to the Organizing
Committee Chairman/Convener by March 30, 1999.

Special Issues: We plan to bring out a few special issues of some
international journals based on enhanced versions of
some selected papers.

The Key Dates :

Tutorial/invited session proposal March 30, 1999
Papers submission July 15, 1999
Acceptance notification September 15, 1999
Camera-ready copy due October 15, 1999

The Registration:
Advance Registration (by Oct.15, '99) Rs. 1000.00 or US $ 100.00
Late Registration (after Oct.15, '99) Rs. 1500.00 or US $ 150.00
Tutorial Registration (by Oct.15, '99) Rs. 1000.00 or US $ 100.00
Late Tutorial Registration (after Oct.15,'99)Rs. 1500.00 or US $ 150.00
Student Registration for Conference Rs. 500.00 or US $ 50.00
Student Registration for Tutorial Rs. 500.00 or US $ 50.00

Further Details:
Visit our website at or
E-mail at or write to
Organizing Committee Chairman / Convener, ICAPRDT '99
Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit
Indian Statistical Institute
203 B. T. Road.
Calcutta 700 035


Dr. Nikhil R. Pal
Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit
Indian Statistical Institute
203 B. T. Road
Calcutta - 700 035

email :
Ph. : 91-33-577-8085 (O)
: 91-33-80-5823 (R)
Fax : 91-33-577-6680

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