Hadas Zies (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 18:55:10 +0100 (MET)

To: BISC Group
From: L. A. Zadeh

Holiday and New Year Greetings:

Please accept my apology for extending my greetings to you via e-mail
rather than individually and by regular mail. The pressures of work and travel
have made it very difficult for me to keep up with my correspondence.
During the past year, I had the pleasure of hosting a number of BISC
Visiting Scholars, Industrial Fellows and short term visitors: Takeshi
Furuhashi, Nagoya University, Japan; Rita Ribeiro, New University of Lisbon,
Portugal; Yutaka Hata, Himeji Institute of Technology, Japan; Asatoshi Fujino,
Hitachi, Japan; Senen Barro, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain; Larry
Maslack, University of Cincinnati, Frank Hoffmann, University of Kiel, Germany;
Michael Berthold, Karlsiruhe University, Germany; T. Y. Liu, San Jose State
University; Vesa Niskanen, University of Helsinki, Finland; Masoud Nikravesh,
LBL, UC; Tom Yoshikawa, University of Nagoya, Japan; Amir Geva, Ben Gurion
University, Israel; Michael Smith, Canada; Cindy Mason, Berkeley; Isabelle
Bloch, ENST, France; Luc Beasse, ENST, France; and others who came to Berkeley
to give a lecture in the BISC Seminar.
The presence of BISC Visitors, Scholars and Fellows has contributed so
much and in so many ways, to the advancement of fuzzy logic, soft computing and
their applications. All of us have been enriched by the close personal ties
which bound us together. But we feel keeny the absence of Michael Lee, who left
Berkeley to take a position at INSEAD, France.
I also had the pleasure of meeting many of you at various conferences.
Clearly, fuzzy logic and soft computing are alive and well. You may be
interested to know that as of December 10, 1997, the WorldCat database (which
covers US libraries and those of some European countries) listed 2,349 entries
of books and dissertations which contain "fuzzy" in the title. This number is
much larger than I would have guessed. It explains why it has become so
difficult to keep track of what is happening on the frontiers.
I would love to hear from you. Please keep in touch.
With my best wishes to you and all for the Holidays and the New Year.

As always,

Lotfi Zadeh