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Marc Champigny (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:39:41 +0100 (MET)

Hello everyone,

Iím a graduate student in developmental biology who is interested in
acquiring neural network/ genetic algorithm/ fuzzy logic software for
the purpose of futures trading.

I am wondering if anyone would share with me any software they might
have. The following list includes several representative softwares I am
interested in. I will shortly be receiving BioComp Systemís
NeuroGenetic Optimizer and Ward Systemís NeuroShell Trader. If you have
any others, I would be happy to trade.

Please reply to

Thanks a lot!


Biocomp Systems - NeuroGenetic Optimizer

Ward Systems - NeuroShell

American Heuristics Corp - ICIAS

Cognos Corp - 4Thought

Gensym - NeurOn-line

Neural Computer Sciences - Neuframe

Neurotec - Diamond

TransferTech GmbH - NeuroControl Manager
Fuzzy Control Manager
Evolutionary Optimizer

California Scientific Software - Brainmaker V3.0 Pro

Neural Computer Sciences - Neural Desk v2.2

NIBS Inc - Neuroforecaster

Attrasoft - Attrasoft Boltzmann Machine 2.3
Attrasoft Predictor

Promised Land Technologies - Braincel

MIT GmbH - DataEngine

Domain Solutions - Neural Networks for Developers

Mikuni Berkeley R&D Group - NeuroLab

NeuroDimensions Inc - NeuroSolutions

Neuralfusion - NNModel

Neureka ANS - nn/xnn

AI Ware - N-Net

Hyperlogic Corp - Owl Neural Network

Partek Inc - Partek

Unica Technologies Inc - Pattern Recognition Workbench

Elsewhere S.A. - Previa

ARD Corp - Propagator

Logical Designs, Inc/AITC Sales - Thinks
Thinks Pro

Trajan Software Ltd - Trajan

Applied Cognetics - winBrain

InfoTech Software Engineering - DynaMind Developer Pro

Siemens Austria - ECANSE

Leading Market Tecnologies, Inc - EXPO/Neural Net

Flexible Intelligence Group, LLC - FlexTools

hav.Software - havBpNet++
The MathWorks - Matlab
Neural Network Toolbox
Genetic Algorithm Toolbox
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

Unica Technologies Inc - Model 1

Neural Bench Development - Neural Bench

ATTG - Neural Net Tutor

NeuralWare Inc - NeuralWorks Explorer
NeuralWorks Professional

Indigo Software Ltd - Fuzzy Expert

MODiCO Inc - Fuzzle

Isoft S.A. - ALICE

Norsys Software Corp - Netica
Netica Application Software