Seeking simulink info.

Jonathan Lee (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 07:20:06 +0100 (MET)

To everyone out there,

My name Calvin LEE.
I'm a final year student currently involving with my final year project.
I'm looking for some info on how to apply fuzzy logic on to Simulink.
If anyone of you come across any references or books, could u please send
me an e-mail.

I would also like to get some advise from professions who r using this
newsgroup regarding my project on fuzzy logic temperature and humidity
control system.

I have completed my design on fuzzy logic with the toolbox provided by

I have 2 inputs, 2 outputs and 25 if_then rules to run the simulation.

The 2 inputs are temperature and humidity whereas the outputs are
fan_speed and humidity_valve.

Please consult on how to apply the current design to Simulink.

Please mail directly to my e-mail add :

Yours faithfully,

Teck Shing LEE