Intelligent Systems Demonstrations at AAAI-98

Randolph M. Jones (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 05:10:11 +0100 (MET)

Fifteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence

July 26-30, 1998, Madison, Wisconsin

Sponsored by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence


Call for Intelligent Systems Demonstration Proposals
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As the field of artificial intelligence matures, our ability
to construct intelligent artifacts increases, as does the need
for implemented systems to experimentally validate AI research.
In addition, it is becoming more important to make the tangible
results of our research accessible to each other, to the scientific
community, and to the public at large. AAAI-98 introduces a new
program of intelligent systems demonstrations to showcase state of
the art AI implementations. This program also complements the new
Integrated AI systems paper track and provides researchers with a
greater opportunity to show their research in action.

Researchers from all areas of AI are encouraged to submit proposals to
demonstrate their systems. Submissions will be evaluated on the basis
of their innovation, relevance, scientific contribution, presentation,
and "user friendliness," as well as potential logistical constraints.
This program is primarily to encourage the early exhibition of research
prototypes, but interesting mature systems and commercial products
are also eligible (commercial sales and marketing activities are
not appropriate in the demonstration program, and should be arranged
as part of the AAAI exhibit program). Each accepted demonstration
system must be attended by at least one knowledgeable representative
(preferably an architect of the system) who will be available to
answer in-depth technical questions at a scheduled time.

The submission should consist of a cover letter indicating the primary
author's name, affiliation, address, phone number, and e-mail address,
and three copies of the following:

1. A two-page summary in AAAI paper format of the technical content
of the demo, including credits and references. This summary will
be used to compile a program for the demonstrations.
2. An informal videotape of the demo (in NTSC VHS format), or a demo
storyboard of not more than six pages total.
3. A detailed description of hardware and software requirements.

Demonstrators are encouraged to be flexible in their requirements
(possibly with different demos for different logistical situations).
Please state what you can bring yourself and what you absolutely must
have provided. We will do our best to provide resources but nothing
can be guaranteed at this point beyond space and power.

Demo submissions must be received at the address below no later
than Friday, February 27, 1998. Fax or email submissions will not
be accepted. Authors will be notified of acceptance by April 1, 1998.

George Ferguson
Dept. of Computer Science
734 Computer Studies Bldg.
University of Rochester
Rochester, New York, 14627-0226

We especially hope that authors of papers accepted for presentation
at the conference technical program will be able to demonstrate their
research in the Intelligent Systems Demonstration Program. To present
a system demonstration, however, the authors must still submit a
proposal conforming to the above requirements by the demonstration
program deadline.

Submitters who wish to demonstrate intelligent mechanical systems
that interact with the real world (aka "robots") should direct their
efforts toward the AAAI Robot Exhibition.

If you have any questions or comments about the Intelligent Systems
Demonstration program, we encourage you to address them to the
program chairs, George Ferguson and
Randolph M. Jones