Summer school on Fuzzy Control

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University of Ferrara (Italy)
June 16-20, 1998

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School Presentation.

A summer school on fuzzy control will be held in June 16-20, 1998, at
the University of Ferrara, Department of Engineering, Italy. This is
the first of two coordinated events devoted to the dissemination of
state of the art knowledge in methodology and application of fuzzy
logic for system control. The second event oriented to applications of
Fuzzy control is scheduled for April 21--25, 1999 at Delft University
of Technology, The Netherlands.

The school is sponsored by the TMR programme of European Commission
and organised by DEIS (Department of Electronics, Computer and
System), University of Bologna, in collaboration with Department of
Engineering, University of Ferrara and Department of Electrical
Engineering, Delft University of Technology.

The aim of the school is twofold:

* To provide doctorate students and professionals with basic as
well as advanced material on fuzzy control, and allow discussion and
identification on advanced problems and future research directions;

* To bring together young researchers both from academic and
industry fields working on system control, and give them the
opportunity of exchanging experiences and knowledge.

Besides the tutorial activity during the teaching hours, a relevant
part of the school is dedicated to the use of specific CAD tools to
demonstrate and experiment some applications of fuzzy control.

During the school a poster session will be organized, in which
participants will have the opportunity of presenting their own
research activity.

The number of participants is limited to 50, and registration before
March 15, 1998, is mandatory. The participants' registration will be
considered in the reception order.

participation grants

A limited number of grants are available upon request for
young researchers (born after June 1962) with European Community or
associated Countries citizenship to partially cover travel, lodging
and fee costs. Contact the organizers for the eligibility conditions
and application forms.

School Programme Overview

Introduction to contents and scope (C. Bonivento, Universita' di
Bologna, H. B. Verbruggen, Delft University of Technology )
Basics of fuzzy control. (C. Fantuzzi, Universita' di Ferrara )
Analysis of fuzzy models and stability issues. (P. Albertos,
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, J. Aracil, Universidad
de Sevilla, Spain )
Fuzzy sliding mode control. (R. Palm SIEMENS A.G. )
Fuzzy gain scheduling. (D. Driankov Linkoping University )
Hardware implementation. (R. Rovatti Universit di Bologna )
Fuzzy modeling: principles, methods and applications. (R.
Babuska Delft University of Technology ).
Industrial application of Fuzzy Logic. (P.P. Bonissone,
General Electric Co .)
Complexity and fuzzy logic (L. Fortuna, Universita' di Catania ).
On fuzzy logic control of mobile robots. (G. Ulivi, Terza Universita' di
Roma, Italy.)

The event will be held at Engineering School of the University of
Ferrara, Italy. Ferrara is a historical city, surrounded by middle age
walls with sumptuous palazzos and narrow Medieval streets, rich in
museums and exhibitions, and famous for the quality of restaurants and


General chairman

Claudio Bonivento
DEIS, University of Bologna
v. Risorgimento, 2
40136 Bologna, Italy

Technical programme co-chairman

Cesare Fantuzzi
Dept. of Engineering
University of Ferrara
v. Saragat,1
44100 Ferrara, Italy

Technical programme co-chairman

Riccardo Rovatti
DEIS, University of Bologna
v. Risorgimento, 2
40136 Bologna, Italy

Contact Address

Dr. Cesare Fantuzzi
Department of Engineering
University of Ferrara
via Saragat, 1
44100 Ferrara - ITALY

tel: ++39-532-293839
fax: ++39-532-768602