Re: FAT robotic controller?

Gal Kaminka (galk@ISI.EDU)
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 22:48:53 +0100 (MET)

(The following bounced of his email, so I'm posting it here):


Thor Alexander ( wrote:
: Can anyone point me to resources for controlling robots (or 2d/3d sims)
: with FAT (fuzzy adaptive theorem), FAM,BAM or other neural-nets?

: Have solid understanding of fuzzy but need a jumping on point for
: control applications.

There isn't too much work on Fuzzy control of robots that I'm aware of,
which is a shame since the field could use some fuzzy-based tools - from
my own experience. The pointers below all refer to fuzzy robot navigation,
on actual robots (not just simulations), but I hope they prove useful
I don't have URLs or exact references handy right now - the following is
strictly of the top of my head, but you're welcome to contact me directly
via email for more detailes.

* Kurt Konolige, Alessandro Saffioti et al. did some good work at SRI.
They both have some of their papers on-line.

* H. Zimmermann's group (I believe - I may be wrong) had a fuzzy
navigation system as part of their Moria robot.

* Yen and Pfluger had a number of papers describing fuzzy-based navigation
as an example of an extended Payton-Rosenblatt command-fusion scheme.
Yen is at Texas A&M university, computer science department.

* Jeremy Baxter did some nice work (especially concerning the use of
"negative rules"), on navigation.

I also did some work in this area, and am now using it and extending it in
the RoboCup domain (simulation track).

I just know I'm forgetting a few more. I remember reading a fairly recent
article in one of the robotics journals (Autonomous Robots, perhaps).
I am currently away from my office and so don't have all the details - but
you're welcome to contact me directly.

Hope this helps.


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