Looking for some info...

Nickolay G. Grygoryev (nick@lion.nevsky.net)
Sat, 29 Nov 1997 00:22:42 +0100 (MET)


I'm looking for some articles. If somebody have an idea how I can get them -
please send me a mail. And may be somebody can send me these articles? I'll be
very grateful!

1. Tong R.M. "A control engineering review of fuzzy systems"
Automatica, N13, 1977, pp. 559-569
2. Middleton R., Goodwin G., Hill D., Mayne D.
"Design issue in adaptive control"
IEEE Trans. Autom. Control, 1988, VOL AC-33, N1, P50-58
3. Tsakalis K., Ionnou P. "A new indivect adaptive control schemes for
time-varing plants"
IEEE Trans. Autom. Control, 1990, Vol. AC-35, N6, P. 697-705
4. Bai E. "Adaptive quantification of model uncertainties by approximation"
IEEE Trans. Autom. Control, 1991, Vol AC-36, N6, P. 441-455


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