Research Positions (AI/Robotics) in Singapore
Sat, 29 Nov 1997 00:13:31 +0100 (MET)

Research Positions Available


The Intelligent Systems Laboratory, in collaboration with the Robotics
Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, is
currently looking for high quality researchers to participate in
several on-going projects in the area of intelligent mobile robotics.

Both existing and proposed research activities are to focus on:

- Simulation: involves the development of a generic simulation toolkit
for mobile robotics, the components of which include robot modelling
(geometry, dynamics, control), robot building (from a repository of
parts), graphical simulation (2D/3D, VR-based), and robot behaviours
(using planning, computational geometry, fuzzy and neural control,
and any combination thereof).

- Cooperative and behavioural robotics: involves the development of
reflex-based behaviours in individual service robots (using some
combination of classical AI and soft computing approaches) and their
integration within hybrid architectures, then subsequently the
realisation of cooperative behaviour in a group of such robots so
as to achieve tasks beyond the capability of any individual.

- Automated vehicle routing: involves the development of monitoring
and route planning tools for of a fleet of vehicles, automatically
directed according to user demand, traffic conditions, performance
criteria, etc. On-road experiments will be conducted using computer-
controlled electric cars equipped with various proximity sensors as
well as real-time vision and GPS systems.

- Automated vehicle driving: involves the development of autonomous
navigation capabilities for unmanned vehicles operating on the road,
including sensor processing and data fusion, obstacle avoidance,
autonomous road following, vehicle tracking, dedicated maneuvers
(e.g. parking), etc. Algorithms will be validated in simulation as
well as with various types of autonomous vehicles (even real cars).


Applicants should hold a scientific or engineering degree in computer
science (Masters or PhD) and have experience in several of the
following fields: mobile robotics, planning and architectures,
real-time control, machine vision, adaptive learning, soft computing,
and simulation. Specialisation in Artificial Intelligence, a
track-record in research, and a good programming experience
(e.g. Lisp, C/C++, Java and networking) are especially sought after.
Fluent English, written and spoken, is a pre-requisite.

Two types of research appointments are available:

1. Research Fellow. Candidates should have a PhD degree. Gross
emoluments for 12 months range from $S42,000 to S$78,000.

2. Research Associate. Candidates should have a Masters degree.
Gross emoluments for 12 months range from $S37,800 to S$71,400.

Successful candidates will be provided with commencing salaries that
are commensurate with their qualifications and experience. The duration
of contract service and other terms of service will vary with the
specific appointment offered and the research grant under which they
are appointed. Leave and medical benefits are provided, along with
other facilities such as child care centre, sports and recreation
centre, loan schemes, etc.


Applications should comprise a detailed CV, a brief description of the
candidate's research interests, and the names and contact particulars
of 3 referees. Applications should be sent by E-mail, FAX, or mail (in
order of preference), to:

Dr. Michel Pasquier
School of Applied Science
Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798
Republic of Singapore

Tel: +65 799 6300
Fax: +65 792 6559

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