Database of software-only fuzzy problems?

Bruno DiStefano (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 22:32:47 +0100 (MET)

Hi have designed several fuzzy systems involving custom
hardware. These were systems where the goodness of the
result could be measured by looking at the final product.

Now I would like to have some "cases" where everything can
be done in software only. I need this for two reasons:
- I need problems for my students;
- I want to evaluate different fuzzy software tools.

The first requirement is that I should be able to state a
problem verbally and my students should be able to solve
it and to "build" a software-only system to check the behaviour
of their design.

The second use is related to the fact that I want to verify if/that
different software packages give me the same result for the same
design. I define same design as:
- same crisp inputs;
- same membership functions for same crisp inputs;
- same rules;
- same fuzzy outputs;
- same crisp outputs.

Thank you in advance.



-- Bruno Di Stefano -- Private: