FID - fuzzy Decision Tree

janikow (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 23:59:03 +0100 (MET)

FID is a program which generates a fuzzy-logic based decision tree from fuzzy
data. The tree can then be used to classify data with unknown classification
using several different methods of inference.


Key Features
fuzzy-set based inferences
exemplar-based inferences
fuzzifying unrecognizable data until classified
ability to select best norms
processing nominal, fuzzy, and ordered-symbolic data
ability to deal with missing data in training and classification
ability to deal with mixed descriptions (linguistic terms,
numeric values, nominal values, and unknown marks

Under construction:
Key addition: preprocessor to automatically build fuzzy sets
over numerical domains (data-driven)

More info:
or follow the FID link from my personal web page (see below).


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