A new generation fuzzy system development tool

lbin (net@aptronix.co.cn)
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 23:23:04 +0100 (MET)

FuzAid---A New Generation
Fuzzy Control System Development Tool

What is FuzAid:
FuzAid is a development tool to design fuzzy control systems
for industrial process control and various applicational situations
where intelligent control yield a better solution . As a computer-aided
engineering platform , FuzAid offers intergrated simple and convenient
means for designer or engineer to solve complex control problems.
It can be used to handle multiple I/O, complex coupling and non-linear
control problems in real-world situations.

FuzAid's Principals and Features:

1. FuzAid is a Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 application software. With
FuzAid , User can easily construct SISO as well as MIMO complex control
systems graphically at the click of the mouse button.

2. FuzAid allows the user to use both the simulation method and
on-line method to adjust the design . The on-line adjustment is
especially convenient to be used for processes of which the
mathematical models are either too complex or hard to obtain.

3. FuzAid let user choose to design his/her own controller structure ,
be it a simple PID controller , Fuzzy controller or a hybrid controller
consisting of one or more PID, FIU (Fuzzy Inference Unit ) and others.

4. FuzAid can automatically generate source code in ANSI C
for the designed controller. The code can then be incorporated into
other systems for implementation.

5. FuzAid provides a multi-media tutorial to introduce Fuzzy-logic
and Fuzzy control theory to users. There is also a multi-media
tutorial on the use of the software including to help user get started
quickly .

6. FuzAid is also backed up by the promise of its development specific
modules to meet user' s specific choice .

If someone is interested in the software, please contact us or visit our
homepage at <http://www.aptronix.co.cn>. Thanks.