Re: Neurofuzzy and Local Model Networks.

Constantin von Altrock (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 23:07:19 +0100 (MET)

MingGe wrote:
> I am very interested in the neurofuzzy and local model networks
> methodology for the modelling and control, Howerver, the literature
> on the application of them is very limited to me. Anyone can tell me
> some websites about these areaes?

On you find application notes of products designed
using neural-fuzzy techniques (for example the new washing machines
of AEG corporation), as well as sample software to try it yourself.
Select "Fuzzy Library" from the home page, select "Demo Software",
and download the fuzzyTECH Demo version release 5.0 (free download).
This software contains a NeuroFuzzy add-on module that you can use to
convert recorded sample data into fuzzy logic rules. An example of an
intelligent sensor that classifies bottles in a recycling plant is
included with the fuzzyTECH Demo. You can record your own training
data set with this simulation software, feed it into the NeuroFuzzy
module, and use the same simulation to examine the resulting rule

Good luck

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