PhD research opportunity in Diagnostic Signal Analysis

Olaf Wolkenhauer (
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 03:34:31 +0100 (MET)

PhD Research Studentship

at the Control Systems Centre, UMIST in Manchester, UK for an EPSRC
(Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council) funded research
program in `DIAGNOSTIC SIGNAL ANALYSIS' - A random set - fuzzy systems

The problems to be addressed using this approach fall into two broad

1. The combination of statistical objects with rule-based knowledge.
2. Time-series analysis with applications to decision making.

Background: It is generally recognised that the occurence of some event
(e.g expected changes in interest rates) are inextricably tied to
numercial quantities (e.g currency exchange rate), so those two kinds of
information (quantitative & qualitative) in combination should improve
our analysis and decision making. It has become increasingly apparent
that possibility theory provides a sound theoretical framework to
interface concepts from signal processing with fuzzy (rule-based)

Objectives: The objective is to detect pattern in signals/data and
making decisions based upon them by investigating concepts from

The project has a duration of three years. There are no teaching duties
for the researcher. The studentship has a value of about 5300 GBP in the
first year (+ 1430 if the candidate is 26 years or older). PhD fees are
covered. It should be borne in mind that Manchester is one of the least
expensive areas of the UK in which to live. There will be the
possibility to supplement the basic scholarship with demonstrations and
tutorial assistence. Also further support from industrial sponsorship
may be available.

The position is also suitable for a mathematician/statistician
interested in industrial applications.

UMIST offers a stimulating environment for research and training in the
areas related to this program. The Control Systems Centre is an
interdisplinary group formed in 1966 for postgraduate research and
training. Active research programmes are maintained in the areas of
classical and robust control, self-tuning and adaptive systems, neural
networks for modelling and control, image processing and pattern
recognition, non-linear and chaotic systems anlaysis, time-series
analysis, fuzzy systems modelling and data engineering (data fusion and
data mining). The Control Systems Centre also hosts CTTNet, a Control
Technology Transfer Network supported by the Department of Trade and

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