CFP: The Practical Application of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PADD98)
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 02:19:07 +0100 (MET)

The Second International Conference and Exhibition on
The Practical Application of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Wednesday 25th March - Friday 27th March 1998, London, UK

PADD98 is sponsored and supported to date by: CompulogNet, Integral
Solutions Ltd, LPA, Lionheart Publishing Inc. and is held in cooperation
with the AAAI.

PADD98 - The Second International Conference and Exhibition on the
Practical Application of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining is a new
conference that aims to demonstrate the use of this key technology for
solving real-world problems in business, industry, and commerce.

PADD98 will provide a rich blend of tutorials, invited talks, refereed
papers, panel discussions, a poster session, social agenda and a full
industrial exhibition. The result is an ideal forum for the exchange of
ideas and knowledge, between experts from a broad spectrum of industries
and technologies.

Call for Participation

Vast amounts of data are being collected by organisations. KDD
techniques are used to extract and transform hidden information into
valuable knowledge through the discovery of relationships and patterns.
Business processes are improved and solutions found to problems.

The latest research suggests that firms who invest in setting up a data
warehouse and the software to mine it can expect a high return on their
investment. As databases begin to permeate virtually all aspects of
information storage, from e-mail systems to web servers, we expect this
return to increase dramatically.

It is quickly being recognized as an essential business intelligence
tool....a necessary ingredient to discovering the information necessary
to improve a company's market presence and differentiate
their products and services in today's global marketplace.

With the rapid advance in data capture , transmission and storage, large
systems users will increasingly need to implement new and innovative
ways to use the knowledge hidden in their data. A wealth of potential
business opportunities are available through the use of this technology.


PADD will form part of a five day Practical Application Expo which will
also include:
PAP/PACT98-Incorporating The Practical Application of Prolog and The
Practical Application of Constraint Technology
PAAM98-The Practical Application of Intelligent Agent and Multi Agent
PAKeM98-The Practical Application of Knowledge Management.

You are invited to register your interest for PADD98 by completing the
reply form below.

Call for Papers

We invite you to submit a paper or industrial report describing fielded
applications which exploit KDD technology and which emphasize the
following aspects:

* Actual business benefits and business problems addressed

* Either innovative KD and DM techniques applied to standard
or significant new applications of standard techniques

* Issues and methods of resolution to get the application
implemented and deployed

* why KDD was appropriate

* How benefits are measured

Papers can be of any length, up to a maximum of twenty pages, and on
virtually any KDD related topic, which might include, but are not
limited to the following:

Rule Induction
Learning Systems
Inductive Logic Programming
Pattern Recognition
Predictive Modelling
Neural Networks
Client/Server Systems
Intelligent Agents
Knowledge Acquisition
Decisional Data Analysis
Dependency Detection
Uncertainty Handling
Sequence Processing
Regression Methods for Prediction
Database issues in Data Mining
Fuzzy Logic Approaches to Data Mining

Since PADD98 focuses on the real-world benefits of KDD technology,
preference will be given to papers describing fielded applications,
especially in the business arena. Also of interest are descriptions of
advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques, and general survey
papers which indicate the future direction this important technology
will take. Authors must clearly state whether the systems described are
in routine use, and discuss the criteria used for assessing the
performance of both fielded systems and advanced prototypes.

Submission Deadline: December 5th, 1997
Notification: January 12th, 1998
Final Papers due: February 13th, 1998

Submission Details

Five copies of papers written in English, should be received by the
conference organiser, at the address below, on or before December 5th,
Please include a short abstract, and covering page containing full
contact details and e-mail address. Authors of successful submissions
will be contacted by 12th January 1998. Accepted papers (in a
camera-ready format) will be due by February 13th, 1998.

Please use the following address for paper submissions.

54 Knowle Avenue
Lancs FY2 9UD

Call for Exhibitors

The conference also provides an opportunity for software vendors and
developers to demonstrate KDD systems. You are invited to contact the
organiser to arrange for your application to be exhibited at the event.

Programme Committee

The PADD98 Programme Committee comprises a number of highly influential
figures who are recognised experts in the field of Knowledge Discovery
and Data Mining. Chaired by Howard Arner Jr of ADS and Neil Mackin of
White Cross Systems Ltd., this programme committee is drawn from
industry leaders and first class universities and research

David Aha Naval Research Laboratory,
Chid Apte IBM Research, USA
Howard F. Arner Jr. ADS, USA
Max Bramer University of Portsmouth, UK
Ramon Lopez de Mantaras IIIA , Spain
Luc De Raedt University of Leuven, Belgium
Usama Fayyad Microsoft Research, USA
Koichi Furukawa Keio University, Japan
Yves Kodratoff LRI, France
Nada Lavrac Jozef Stefan Institute, France
Neil Mackin White Cross Systems Ltd, UK
Rob Mattison Sequent Computer Systems, USA
Abraham Meidan WizSoft, Israel
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro Knowledge Stream Partners, USA
Guy Rafferty Red Brick Systems, UK
Huw Roberts BT Laboratories, UK
Claude Sammut University of New South Wales,
Colin Shearer ISL, UK
Evangelos Simoudis IBM, USA
Ramasamy Uthurusamy General Motors, USA
Phil Vasey LPA, UK
Ruediger Wirth Daimler Benz AG, Germany
Stefan Wrobel GMD, Germany
Xindong Wu Monash University, Australia
Lee Hing Yan Information Technology
Institute, Singapore


The Conference is organised by The Practical Application Company. The
Sponsorship and Exhibition Coordinator is Clive Spenser, PMG Treasurer,
and Marketing Director of Logic Programming Associates.

To register interest please take the time to fill in this quick reply
and send it to











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