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Adrian Cheok (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 03:38:15 +0100 (MET)


I have read the web site, but would like to know how to order....


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Date: 1997年10月19日 21:15
Subject: RE: Fuzzy tools

>Hi Jaume
>How free should it be? For just $99, Motorola offers a kit with their new
>68HC12 microcontroller, complete compiler/assembler and professional fuzzy
>logic development system (fuzzyTECH). The Motorola 68HC12 is the first
>microcontroller family with an embedded fuzzy logic instruction set. If you
>are interested in details, point your browser to:
>I know, $99 is not exactly "free", but just the board that comes with the
>is worth $99, so you may consider the software a "free" extra...
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>Subject: Fuzzy tools
>I'm interested in free Fuzzy logic tools for microcontrolers.
>Is somebody help me I'm agree.
>Jaume Nogues