4 research positions available

Trevor Martin (Trevor.Martin@Bristol.ac.uk)
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 23:23:58 +0100 (MET)

Subject: Research positions : University of Bristol, UK

Four postdoctoral research positions are available:

Fuzzy Object-Oriented Data Browser Software Module (2 posts)

An EPSRC-funded 3 year project to develop a toolkit for constructing
fuzzy data browsers, i.e. software capable of analysing and reasoning
about data from any relevant sources. Several demonstrator applications
have been identified from industrial collaboration and existing
research. The two researchers will work closely together. One should be
a knowledge engineer to implement and analyse the demonstrators using
the data browser toolkit and develop new methods. The second should be
a computer scientist with a background in logic programming to develop
the Fril++ system.

Intelligent Sensor Application

One research assistant is required to work on an ESPRIT-funded 30
month project to develop an integrated system for learning and
classifying odours using an electronic nose. The research will use
fuzzy techniques to identify distinctive sensor responses and
automatically generate classifier software The system will be written
using Fril and existing data browser tools.

Fuzzy Reasoning Methods in Image Processing

One research assistant is required for one year in the first instance,
to work on a DERA sponsored research project concerned with vision
understanding using fuzzy logic techniques.This project is held
jointly with the Vision Group of the Computer Science Department.

Salaries will be on the RA1A scale (in the range 15159 to 22785 UK
pounds according to experience) Experience in some of the following
areas is desirable:
- logic programming
- object oriented systems
- soft computing
- fuzzy logic and uncertainty in AI
- knowledge engineering
- vision understanding
- KDD/machine learning
- intelligent agents

The starting date for all posts is December 1, 1997 (or later by arrangement).
Applications must be received by November 5, 1997
Further details from the University Personnel Office
(phone +44 117 925 6450, email recruitment@bris.ac.uk)
quoting reference F647 or

Informal enquiries may be addressed to
Jim.Baldwin@bris.ac.uk (+44 117 9287753) or
Trevor.Martin@bris.ac.uk (+44 117 928 8200)