2nd Call for Participation - FIRA-WAC Robot Soccer American Cup 1998

marco antonio assfalk oliveira (assfalk@unm.edu)
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 17:00:32 +0200 (MET DST)


Please find attached an ASCII file containing a call for participation
for the FIRA-WAC Robot Soccer American Cup 1998, in Anchorage, Alaska,
in May 1998. It is an associate event of the World Automation Congress
(WAC) 1998 and is held under the auspices of the International
of Robot Soccer Associations (FIRA).

Please note that the deadline for submissions is approaching, November

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to seeing you there.

Marco A.A. de Oliveira waccup@eece.unm.edu

FIRA-WAC Robot Soccer American Cup 1998 UNM/NASA ACE Center
Organizing Committee
WAC 1998

Call for Participation/Competition

WAC-FIRA Robot Soccer Regional Championship

We would like to invite you to participate in the WAC-FIRA Robot Soccer
Regional Championship - "Americas Cup", to be held during the World
Automation Conference - 1998 (WAC'98) in Anchorage, Alaska, USA from Ma
9th to May 14th, 1998.

The Robot Soccer Competitions are an opportunity to foster artificial
intelligence and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard
problem where a wide spectrum of technologies can be developed, tested
and integrated, e.g., collaborative multiple agent robotics, autonomous
computing, real-time reasoning and sensor-fusion.

A series of specific sessions will be held, as part of the WAC'98
technical program, to promote the exchange of information,
cooperation among teams and the development of new lines of

This competition follows rules of the Mirosot Robot Soccer competitions
realized at Mirosot (Korea) under the auspices of the International
Federation of Robot Soccer Associations (FIRA). For details on the game
play rules and equipment specifications, please refer to the WWW pages
<http://www.mirosot.org>, <http://www.fira.net>, and <http://www.eece.
unm.edu/students/assfalk/ace/FIRArules.ps> and <http://www.eece.unm.edu

Participating teams are allocated a booth/stall in which to prepare their
teams and to display posters on their research. Standard equipment supplied
at each booth during the competitions include 220/120 VAC stabilizers.

The tentative schedule is:

May 9th - Team setup and stall/exhibit installation
May 10th - Workshop
May 11th - Preliminary matches
May 12th - semi-final games
May 13th - final game
May 14th - prize distribution

To participate in the event, please submit the following

1. a completed Americas Cup registration form
(see below or the WAC Americas Cup home page

2. a paper describing the robots used and the relevant
technology and research behind them, according to the
* maximum 6 pages in length including an abstract
of approximately 300 words, references and
* Text font must be Times Roman, a minimum of 10
point, with double line spacing;
* a separate cover sheet should be attached to
each copy of the manuscript, containing the
title of the paper, the author(s) and
affiliation(s), and the address (including
e-mail address and fax number, if available)
to which correspondence should be sent;
* A4 or Letter format;
* electronic submission formats accepted:
Postscript, Word for Windows 6.0;

3. a completed WAC'98 registration form (available at
<http://ace.unm.edu/wac98>) along with the associated
registration fees;

The documents should be sent to:

Email: waccup@eece.unm.edu
Fax: +1-505-277-4681
Surface mail: WAC-FIRA Cup Organizing Committee
UNM ACE Center
EECE Bldg. Rm 110
Albuquerque, NM 87131

November 1st, 1997 - Paper Submissions
January 15th, 1998 - FIRA American Cup Registration

For further questions please consult the WAC'98 or WAC-Cup'98 home pages
at, respectively, <http://ace.unm.edu/wac98> and
or send email to:


You may also contact FIRA Headquarters at KAIST, TAjeon, Korea at:


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World Automation Congress 1998- WAC-FIRA Regional Robot Soccer Championship
"Americas Cup"
Registration Form

1. Organization:

2a. Address:

2b. E-mail:

2c. WWW address (URL):

2d. Fax/phone numbers:

3a. Team Coordinator:

3b. Team Name:

3c. Expected number of team members (humans):

3d. Size of robots:

3e. Other equipment required (apart from the standard indicated above):

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