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Anthony Cowden (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 16:14:40 +0200 (MET DST)

ron newman wrote:
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> (Anton Sherwood) wrote:
> >I'm nowhere near school but I second the question. _Fuzzy Thinking_
> >(like the other popular book I've read, by McNeill & Freiberger) talks
> >a lot about the mindset of fuzzy logic, but has little concrete in it;
> >the examples are just linear interpolation in fancy dress.
> >I don't want babytalk but everything else I find is 'way over my head.
> >What's a good book for someone who, say, has had two semesters of
> >calculus?
> And I third the question! I've used one of Earl Cox's books, which
> includes a software library on disk, and built a successful program
> using it, but the writing, while not mathematical, was disorganized and
> lifeless. You had to skip all around to find relevant information. Someone
> who's a good writer should get with Cox or Kosko and co-write something that
> covers the middle ground between mathematical robustness and baby-talk. That's
> what's needed to get fuzzy logic going in the U.S.!
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It sounds like you were reading Earl's second book, which is essentially
a discussion of applications with case studies, and not his first, which
is a handbook on understanding and building fuzzy systems. Am I right?
And even if you weren't using the Handbook, and you were able to build a
successful program, isn't that somewhat of an endorsement of the
functionality of the book?

In any event, I am in agreement that it would be good to see more books
on successful practical applications of fuzzy logic here in the US. A
number of US companies are doing interesting things, such as Otis
(elevators), GE (washing machines), and Saturn (I believe they use a
fuzzy ABS), and a number of openly fuzzy systems are being marketed
domestically (electric razors and stabilized video camers).

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