BISC Seminar, October 16th, 4-5pm, 310 Soda Hall

Frank Hoffmann (
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 14:45:23 +0200 (MET DST)

B I S C S e m i n a r A n n o u n c e m e n t

Interactive Evolutionary Computation

Hideyuki TAKAGI

Kyushu Institute of Design
Dept. of Acoustic Design

October 16th, 1997
310 Soda Hall


Interactive evolutionary computation (EC) is the EC whose evolutionary
process is influenced by the interaction between EC mechanism and
human or other systems. Its typical case is GA that searches optimal
situation based on human subjective evaluation.

Conventional system optimization requests numerical target to make
a cost function. However, there are several tasks whose goals are
specified by only human evaluation, especially in artistic field.
The interactive EC is the optimization or creating tool for these
tasks. Recently its applications have expanded not only to artistic
applications such as creating graphics or music, but also to engineering

This talk shows that there are two important research directions of
the interactive EC: expanding its applications in various fields and
improving its interface to reduce the burden of human operators.
Some of applications that we have been conducted / are conducting
are recovering distorted speech, 3-D CG lighting design, hearing aid,
database retrieval, rule acquisition in virtual reality environment,
and active noise control. To reduce human burden, we are focusing three
aspects of the interface: input interface, display interface, and fast
GA convergence. Our proposed methods to improve the interface and their
evaluation through subjective tests are presented.

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