Multi-valued logic in programming

Markus Granlund (
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 12:36:40 +0200 (MET DST)


My name is Markus Granlund and I'm a last year IB student at Vasa
övningsskola in Vasa, Finland. One of the tasks during this last IB year
is to write a 4000 word extended essay (research paper) in any subject
field. Being interested in computer science, I decided to write my paper
on "multiple-valued logic in programming." The big problem with this
subject, as I see it, is getting the essay concise (word limit 4000) and
not too deep nor shallow. It has to be just the right dept. I've been
hunting material with some success, but I would still need more. If anyone
has any material that would be of use for me, or if you know where to find
material, please mail me. Any general tips, hints, or advice I can get
regarding the subject of the essay would be appreciated.

The structure of the essay (as of now):

1. Introduction

2. Basic set theory and logic fundamentals (can be stripped)

3. Fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic

4. Multi-valued logic in programming

5. Applications

6. Conclusion

Markus Granlund (
Vasa övningsskola IB2
Vasa, Finland