Qustions in NeuroFuzzy System?

Lim Wee Han (cvelimwh@nus.edu.sg)
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 18:50:28 +0200 (MET DST)

I am research assistant in National University of Singapore and part
time working in Phd. My research interest is using Neural Network,
Fuzzy logic and Fuzzy systems for application in river flow prediction.
I have some inquiry in my research work and I hope somebody can answer
for me. Listed below are the questions:

What is the different between fuzzy neural networks and neuro-fuzzy
systems ?

I am currently using the FuzzyTech software from INFORM GmbH which
contain a neurofuzzy module to train numerical data and translated it
into the rule and membership functions. Is anybody know what is the
different in the adaptation algorithm to adapt paramaters of the fuzzy
system compare to other neurofuzzy system reported by several researcher
such as Brown M and Harris C J; Jang J-S R and Sun C-T; Lin C T;Wang L
and Mendel J M ?

Is there any paper discuss in details the algorithm of neurofuzzy module
in FuzzyTech software from INFORM GmbH?

Is there any research work using neurofuzzy system applied in hydrology
time series such as river flow, runoff or rainfall ?

I hope somebody working in the same field can answer my questions.


Lim Wee Han
Research Assistant
National University of Singapore
Civil Engineering Department
10 Kent Ridge Crescent