Re: Fuzzy and Network managnet oppinion needed

WSiler (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 17:59:00 +0200 (MET DST)

You describe a very interesting project. Apparently, you are creating your
own tools for this project, using some of Earl Cox's fuzzy routines. This
is a fairly back-breaking task.

Unfortunately, most of the fuzzy expert systems tools available are based
on fuzzy control methodology, rather than on AI. There are a very few tools
which are AI based. These include Fuzzy Clips from the National Research
Council of Canada; FRIL, by James Baldwin and colleagues from the UK; and
FLOPS, our own tool. It is very important in such work not to be
constrained by the fuzzy control paradigm (numbers in-numbers out).

Fuzzy Clips can be downloaded for free from their Web site: is the last URL I have for them. A short
manual, Building Fuzzy Expert Systems, can be downloaded from my Web site,
http://users/ You can reach the FRL group by EMail at There is also a fuzzy Clips made originally by
Togai Infralogic, perhaps now available from a Houston company (Ortech ??),
but I have had no contact with this group since Togai Infralogic
disintegrated a few years ago. To my knowledge, these are the only AI-based
fuzzy tools available. If I am not correct, perhaps someone will correct me.

William Siler, PhD
Southern Dynamic Systems, Inc.