EUFIT 97: Aachen September 8 - 11, 1997

Karl Lieven (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 11:49:39 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear colleagues:

the EUFIT `97 - European Congress on soft computing
and Intelligent Technologies

and a lot of related meetings like the first Data Analysis Symposium

will take place from September 8-12, 1997 in Aachen.

Over 450 presentations by reputed researchers and
practitioners will be given in 85 sessions and 5 interactive

In the Opening Session Prof. Zimmermann, Mr. Bensasson from the
European Commission and Prof. Fogarty (he is from University of
Edinburgh and will give a talk on Evolutionary Computing) will give
presentations. Prof. Zadeh (Invited lecture as a plenary session) and
11 Invited speakers will present the newest developments in the
different areas.

The detailed programme of sessions as well as the description of the
tutorials and the related events (including the registration details)
can be found at:

We hope that you will come and visit Aachen in September to take part
in this interesting event and to discuss and exchange the ideas with all
other participants.

Best regards

Karl Lieven
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