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Walter Gray (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 18:22:12 +0200 (MET DST)

In article <>, you write:
> To those interested in the relationship between fuzziness,
> probability and statistics, the following two reprints are
> available:
> "A Probabilistic Alternative to Fuzzy Logic Controllers"
> by J.D. Barrett and W.H. Woodall, IIE Transactions, 1997,
> Vol. 29, 459-467.
> "An Overview of Comparisons Between Fuzzy and Statistical
> Methods" by W.H. Woodall, invited paper to be presented at
> the Joint Statistical Meetings, Anaheim, California, August 1997.
> If you would like copies, please send me your mailing address.
> The papers are not available electronically. I hope not to offend
> anyone, but we do take a skeptical view of fuzzy methods.
> Even if you disagree with us, you may find the papers interesting.
> Thank you.

Yes please, my address is

W. Gray, LS3
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Thanks in advance